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Leading Software Company in Bangladesh

Innovate & Transform your business with iBOS Limited

Get access to advanced cloud-based business solutions that can help you stay ahead of the competition with the help of the top software company in Bangladesh.

At iBOS Limited, we specialize in providing innovative solutions that drive growth and efficiency for your business. Our team of experienced developers is dedicated to delivering high-quality software that meets your unique needs. We stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends, ensuring that you have access to the most advanced software solutions.

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Fix every organizational operation problem to maximize smooth supervision over your business anytime, anywhere.

For Every Business

Top Software Company in Bangladesh

We pride ourselves on consistently delivering more than what is expected of our clients. This is why we have become an example in the industry as the fastest-growing software company in Bangladesh with over 250 clients. This remarkable feat was achieved by establishing some values that we possess strongly.


15 Years of Experience in Building World-Class Business Software in Bangladesh

We have been trusted by the users of Akij for the past 15 years where they run each of their business units around all their concerns on our software. We are able to build strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients, and help them achieve their business goals through the use of advanced software solutions. Also, we are expanding and continually being reached out to by new clients, so we can claim trustworthiness – rightfully.

15 Years of Experience in iBOS Limited

Meet Our Creative Wing

To handle our international clients, we’ve created our own team filled with talented youngsters under our separate creative wing!


Businesses in Bangladesh and abroad are using our cloud-based solutions to resolve their problems. We are bridging the gap between operation and technology with innovative solution and efficient support.






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I am using the software of iBOS and it has allowed me to manage all aspects of my business very easily.

Khaled Masud Pilot e1710230002132
Khaled Masud Pilot Sports Trainer and Former Cricketer

Whether I am in Bangladesh or abroad, I can always access to valuable business insights and reports using Managerium.

Kazi Rahatul Amin
Kazi Rahatul Amin Executive Director, Prince Group

iBOS listened to my problems attentively and tried to resolve all of it. This is why we are using their VAT management solution.

Mohammad Ashik Elahi
Mohammad Ashik Elahi CEO, Sea Star Automobile

We have received top quality support from iBOS regarding any issues while using PeopleDesk solution.

PeopleDesk Client Khaas Food Best HR Software in Bangladesh
Fahad Bin Salahuddin Manager, HR & Admin, Khaas Food

Their solution maintain all the compliances of the Govt. which makes it easy for us to trace from purchase to sales.

Md. Amanat Ullah e1710230112671
Md. Amanat Ullah Head of Internal Audit, Asian Holdings

We no longer have to use paperwork or maintain multiple excel sheets, thanks to PeopleDesk HR solution by iBOS.

Amit Paul e1710230072479
Amit Paul Asst. Manager - People & Culture, iFarmer


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