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10 Questions You Might Haven’t Asked the Providers of ERP Software in Bangladesh

ERP Software in Bangladesh

Probably you got a bit used to receiving calls from different software companies who want you to have the business software or ERP they’ve developed. You’d probably avoid them. But that’s going to be tough when you’re the one who needs the software.

Does it mean you’ll have to go with their solutions without asking anything in the first place? Definitely NO! Rather than jumping to a conclusion, you can simply ask them a few questions first. After all, getting an ERP software in Bangladesh is still on the list of ‘Biggest Challenges’ for business enterprises.

Questions that You Should Ask Your Provider of ERP Software in Bangladesh

How many times have you successfully installed an ERP system?

The process of implementing an ERP software in Bangladesh can be challenging and unexpected. It’s important that any consultant you bring onto the project has years of experience under their belt to ensure they can manage whatever comes their way.

Who exactly is your perfect client?

While enterprise resource planning (ERP) software might improve the way you run your company, not all ERP software in Bangladesh will be a good fit for your specific business. It’s critical to find a consulting firm that meshes well with the culture of your business.

When it comes to getting you the most efficient software solution, they should be familiar with your field and have experience working with businesses like yours.

How can I tell whether this ERP is going to meet my company’s needs?

We advise starting with a needs assessment. The first step in finding a remedy is pinpointing the precise nature of the problem. It’s possible that you won’t always recognize places where efficiency gains are possible. Let a consultant from the outside conduct the interviews for this procedure. You may use this to identify potential areas for efficiency gains.

What Kind of support and training are you going to ensure?

A part of this procedure includes installing the program, though. You’re going to require comprehensive instruction and consistent guidance. Before hiring any consultants, make sure they offer complete assistance beginning with Go-Live and continuing for at least three months. Make sure you can easily and regularly get in touch with the specialists whenever you need their assistance. End-user training should be provided in a variety of formats, including online, in-person, and classroom instruction, to ensure that your staff is comfortable with the software once the project is over.

How do you make sure your clients are happy?

Any consulting business worth its salt will put customer happiness first. Constant and clear lines of communication between the provider and you are necessary to guarantee that the software solution is tailored to your needs and that the project stays on track and within budget. The service you select should routinely survey its customers to gauge their happiness.

How do you guarantee the timely and economical completion of every project?

The cost of implementing an enterprise resource planning system is notoriously underestimated. For 57% of ERP projects, A survey reports an overrun of 189% of the budget. We suggest finding a company that operates on a set fee basis. You may rest certain that you’ll have a complete understanding of the project’s cost before you begin work. As a result, you won’t have to worry about anything and can instead concentrate on tailoring the program to your specific needs. Find out how they plan to put the plan into action. Can they oversee a project for you?

Is the software customizable, and will it work with my current infrastructure?

There is a possibility that a software firm provides outstanding, feature-rich software for managing a business. On the other hand, the software features sometimes only cover half of the problem. It’s not uncommon for a program to be a perfect fit for a client’s needs and the needs of their business with only a few more features or tweaks to the way it operates.

Could you provide some references for this?

Make sure you verify everything with previous employers or clients. If a business truly believes that they are the finest in its industry, then it will act accordingly. One may only get certainty by exposure to the accounts of others’ experiences. A firm that is confident in the quality of its products and services would gladly supply you with contact information for satisfied past customers. Request a recommendation, if possible, from a business that operates similarly to yours (Industry, employees, size, revenue, etc).

How does your company differentiate itself from those of its competitors?

Do they provide the most competitive prices, the finest guarantees, the largest teams, the most specialized niches, and the best services? Which of these is more significant to you and your company?

What is the broad enterprise support that your program provides?

The program that you use shouldn’t just concentrate on accounting tasks. In the future, you could need more features, such as a customer relationship management system (CRM), an HR management system (HRMS), or a webstore. The program you select today needs to have the capability of supporting those capabilities in the event that they are implemented at a later date.

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