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5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About ERP Software in Bangladesh

5 Things About the Best ERP Software in BD that You Get Wrong

The benefits of using ERP Software in Bangladesh are so many that you might get tired of counting them. And guess what? They are applicable to businesses of varying sizes and scopes. In order to make certain that the implementation of your ERP system goes off without a hitch and that you are able to “get right to work,” we have compiled a list of the five most common errors that are associated with the best ERP software in BD, along with solutions to these errors or ways to completely avoid them.

5 Things You’re Getting Wrong About the best ERP Software in BD:

If the best ERP software is successfully implemented in your business, it should result in a workflow that is more simplified and reduces overall expenses for the entire firm. Nevertheless, businesses need to plan their purchasing and implementation procedures in order to avoid having results that are expensive and unsatisfactory. Here are some misconceptions about the best ERP software in BD that you might be holding on to.

Omitting to make a comparison between on-premises and cloud-based ERP software

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Before deciding whether an on-premises or cloud-based ERP system will better meet their requirements, businesses ought to give careful consideration to a number of relevant considerations.

For instance, if the cloud-based system you use is extensively customized, the information technology personnel at your company may choose on-premises implementation so that they may maintain control.

A highly customized ERP system, on the other hand, is difficult to maintain and may cause your firm to remain mired in technology that has become obsolete. With an ERP that is unique to your sector, your system will have all of the capabilities you want and much more, which will eliminate the need for extensive changes.

On the other side, cloud-based ERP enables businesses to avoid the significant upfront expenses and in-house hardware that, in most cases, necessitate the employment of expensive and specialized IT personnel.

The subscription-style payments can be beneficial for smaller organizations, but the majority of enterprises will profit from SaaS’s ability to meet the demands of a remote workforce.

Even though there are many advantages to using the cloud, certain information technology departments could favor on-premises deployment instead. Do your homework to ensure that you select the deployment option that will serve the requirements of your firm in the most effective manner.

Neglecting to take into account change management

According to a survey published in 2019, companies that have successfully implemented the best ERP software discovered that driving change among their workforce was a more difficult task than managing the technical aspects of the installation.

According to the findings of the survey, the most difficult aspect of managing change is removing the obstacles that prevent employees from making use of the newly implemented ERP software.

Any company is going to have a much harder time reaping the benefits that ERP has to offer if its employees are hesitant to use the new system or content with the one that was in place before.

The companies that had the most success were the ones that put a significant amount of resources into communication and training, making sure that everyone in the company was on board with the best ERP software in BD.

It was essential to effectively manage change across all three administrative domains—people, procedures, and technology—in order to achieve speedier acceptance and higher success.

Failure to involve customers or users in decision-making processes


Although organizations must win the approval of the company’s executives, this should not be the primary focus of their efforts. It is just as critical, if not more so, to involve those key personnel who will be utilizing the ERP system on a daily basis.

Gathering personnel from each department—IT, finance, purchasing, manufacturing, warehousing, etc.—will involve those workers who stand to gain from locating and putting into action the solution that is the most suited for the situation.

Participation from employees located throughout the business guarantees that everyone will be on board from the very beginning of the implementation process, which will result in the process running more efficiently.

Leaving out a solution tailored to the unique industry

You are presented with a major choice when it comes to selecting an ERP solution. You have the option of going with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that is generic in nature and was developed as a “one size fits all” solution, or you can go with ERP software that is tailored specifically to your industry.

Although generic software may have a lower initial cost, investing in industry-specific solutions should be considered as an investment in the long-term success of your business. They provide each and every fundamental function, such as accounting, human resource management, and inventory control, that the standard systems provide as well.

Nevertheless, in addition to this, they have skills that are tailored specifically to the needs of your business sector and its operations.

The absence of a maintenance plan


The implementation of the best ERP software in BD is a project that might take a significant amount of time. However, not all of the labor is required initially. When a company has finished successfully deploying the system, the next step should be to quickly develop a maintenance strategy.

The employees will therefore have an understanding of what they need to do in order to constantly maintain and develop the ERP system, which is necessary not only to guarantee that it continues to function correctly but also that it does not become obsolete.

Having an ERP system that is too old might expose a company to unnecessary security threats and create operational inefficiencies. Establishing a maintenance plan and delegating responsibilities are two of the most important steps in ensuring that the ERP system will perform at its highest possible level and will always be current.

Final Words

It is common for people to have a misunderstanding of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, with misconceptions concerning its suitability for businesses of all sizes, implementation timelines, costs, customization capabilities, and functional scope. Businesses, on the other hand, are able to make educated decisions and take advantage of the full benefits of the best ERP software in BD in order to drive growth and success in the dynamic business landscape of Bangladesh. This is made possible by debunking these myths and gaining an understanding of the true potential of ERP solutions.

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