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8 Reasons to Stay Devoted to Your HR Software in Bangladesh

8 Reasons to Stay Devoted to your HR Software

Imagine having to go through uncountable hills of paperwork to maintain employee details and updates. Or worse, you would have to update a very cluttered excel spreadsheet just to manage a small task to keep the attendance track of employees. Unimaginable, isn’t it?

Managing a company’s employees is indeed a complicated task. Without a specific management tool, it becomes increasingly difficult for an organization to carry out this mission.

Learn about the benefits of adopting HR management software in Bangladesh and why you can not help but be attached to it.

HR software in Bangladesh

What is Human Resources (HR) software?

Human Resources software is designed to help business leaders and HR staff recruit, hire, and develop employees. Core HR applications for payroll and time and attendance can help streamline operational needs, while more strategic talent management applications (such as performance management systems) can optimize employee productivity.

If companies have been managing their customer relationships for a long time, what about “managing their employee relationships”? What if, like CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools, it became necessary for companies to equip themselves with software dedicated to managing their interactions with their existing or potential employees? Focus on their strengths.

Below are 8 reasons why you should stay attached to HR software in Bangladesh for the success of your company:

What is Human Resources (HR) software?

1.    Centralization of employee information

Contact details, contracts, authorizations, training certificates, interview reports… the information stored for each employee are numerous. By centralizing all employee information in one place, HR software facilitates the proper monitoring of employees and their data security.

2.    An accessible access portal for your staff

HRIS software offers secure access for each employee, allowing him to consult and manage various information with complete autonomy. “Employees can consult their time and leave counters, submit an absence request, indicate their training wishes, or follow the progress of their expense reimbursements at any time without disturbing HR,” comments Claire Cohan, Product Manager. A considerable time-saving for your entire organization!

An accessible access portal for your staff

3.    A better work experience for your employees

Multi-devices, accessible remotely, collaborative, … Today’s HR software solutions offer employees a new work experience. Take your holidays on Sunday with your family, be informed in real-time of a schedule change to organize accordingly, or badge remotely on your smartphone as part of teleworking… so many options that bring comfort to daily work and allow a better reconciliation of professional and personal life. The software is at the service of the employee-supervisor relationship with collaborative internal messaging, transparent validation processes, or participatory surveys.

4.    Increased productivity through task automation

Today, HR management tools have a tangible impact on the performance of companies. They make it possible to automate and make processes more reliable, such as recruitment management or the integration of new employees (onboarding), or to quickly carry out time-consuming calculations (monitoring activity times, counts, etc.). They are saving time, reliability, and centralization of information: all decisive assets for the efficiency of an organization.

Increased productivity through task automation

5. Better supervision of practices reduces the risk of error

The complex legislation, labor law, internal rules … advanced HRIS software integrates these constraints to assist managers: sending alerts in case of overtime, blocking a planning action that does not respect a sufficient rest period, etc. It is a relief for managers to know that they have a safeguard to prevent them from putting the company at risk from a regulatory point of view and avoid unfair treatment of their employees. In this, HR software helps to create a positive working atmosphere.

6. Improved communication between users

Most HR software in Bangladesh will include an employee directory. While employees tend to work with the same people and have their contact information, their work often requires reaching colleagues outside their immediate department. All this contact information is stored in a workbook significantly slows down communication.

Better supervision of practices reduces the risk of error

7. Risk Mitigation

In the event of a dispute, how can you prove that an employee has been made aware of a particular policy or has been trained to use a specific piece of equipment? Email communication is a good thing, but it’s not uncommon for someone to refuse to see an email. Many HR systems today offer a reading and acceptance service that provides a paper trail showing that an employee has received a particular message and that they have also accepted the content of the communication.

8. Security and Recovery of HR Software Data

How secure is it if you keep all your employee information in a filing cabinet? Who has access to it? How would you know if someone tried to access it? The security of your data is one thing, but what if there is a fire or flood and you can’t access the offices for a while? Will people still get paid if all your payroll information is stored on the site? Most HR systems incorporate disaster recovery functions, such as hosting on mirror servers and backing up databases to separate and secure locations, restoring the system exceptionally quickly, even in the most catastrophic disasters.

Security and Recovery of HR Software Data

To Conclude…

Without human resources management, a company would not be able to operate effectively. While a small company can operate sufficiently with only one HRM professional on staff, large companies generally need larger HRM teams to meet their employee management requirements. And to do that efficiently, an HRM Software is an absolute must.

HRMS aims to simplify the daily life of the actors of a company, from Payroll Management to Talent Management; all your HR management will benefit from total automation. Thus, each of the parts of the company will find productivity.

Thus, the digital transformation is constantly evolving, but the latter has allowed us to develop the processes and improve the management of resources in the field of HR.

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