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Why You Need NBR Approved VAT Management Software for Business?

Why You Need NBR Approved VAT Software Solution for Business

Tax—this one word somehow manages to get us scared, though we know it’s something that we can’t skip that easily, especially when we’re running a business. But can we entirely blame ourselves for counting it as a fear factor? Maybe not!

After all, the world of taxation has never been an easy alley for people all over the globe to walk on and the same goes for the people of Bangladesh. Thankfully, things are on the verge of change with NBR Approved VAT Management Software Solution.

Now the question is, how is it going to make things better, and why do you need NBR Approved VAT Management Software? Well, that question of yours is just about to get answered. All you need to do is scroll a bit down.

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The Need of NBR Approved VAT Management Software

It’s nothing but human nature to look into the need first before laying their hands on getting anything, and the psychology doesn’t change when it comes to getting a VAT software as well. But as in this modern era, where VAT and taxation are given utmost priority, missing out on VAT software might make an organization lag behind. After all, a good VAT software can put the following advantages on your turf easily.

100% Compliance with VAT & SD act 2012

One of the basic needs that back the implementation of any VAT software in Bangladesh is total compliance with the VAT & SD act 2012. After all, the VAT processing has to be executed abiding by the VAT act, right? That’s why most of the organizations used to get the job done manually, as the whole thing is a bit ‘sensitive’ and any mistakes can lead to legal consequences. But an NBR-approved VAT software makes sure that none of the rules are being violated and the also the NBR is getting all the VAT-related reports they need to have in their database of a certain organization.

NBR Approved VAT Management Software

Configurable Modules

One of the common things about good VAT software is it comes with configurable modules that ensure complete operational flexibility. This means no matter what kind of business you’re running, it can still help you out with the VAT return process without compromising the accuracy. 

Highly-secured and Cloud-based

Indeed the VAT and Tax information is one of the crucial parts of any organization. But when the data is being protected in cloud-based VAT software, the user can lean back and relax by counting the VAT data is perfectly secured. 

NBR Approved VAT Management Software


There’s a saying – ’To err is human’. But nobody said that about any good VAT software as that’s built to make no mistake. When people execute the VAT & tax return process, there’s always a chance of mistakes. But a VAT software keeps the return process error-free and automated. 

Process Alteration

The thing about VAT & Tax rules is there are often minor changes taking place every now and then. But rather than sticking to any rigid policy, VAT software makes sure that you’re getting complete freedom to process alterations as per the change in rules or tax cut

NBR Approved VAT Management Software

Real-Time Data

When you’re stuck in the world of paperbacked documentation, it’s hard to find out the real-time data within a short time. On top of that, you don’t have all the day to dig into that pile of papers just to find out a single number. Well, count that hassle over when you’ve got a VAT software to take care of that part. One or a few clicks are enough to get you any real-time tax data without making you wait too long. 


Who doesn’t like that concept of saving a few bucks in their business? We bet you do too. When you’ve got a VAT software taking care of all your VAT data and processing system, you don’t need to worry much about wasting extra cash on papers or any additional manpower to take care of the stuff. 

NBR Approved VAT Management Software

What is Prime VAT is offering regarding VAT Management Software?

Clearly, when you realize the Importance of VAT Software, the next thing you’ll look for is the best possible option. Don’t worry; you won’t have to roam around for too long once you get something like Prime VAT on your hand. But why are we calling it the best NBR Approved VAT Software in Bangladesh? Well, because along with getting you all the benefits we’ve just mentioned above, Prime VAT can pull off some other major benefits for you like – 

– VAT Management of multiple branches from one end

– Detailed reporting with total transparency

– Minimizing time consumption and effort investment 

– Can generate NBR prescribed Mushak reports with a single click

– Highly convenient for performing data migration

– Automatic data backup backed by restoration facility 

– Can be integrated with 3rd party application

NBR Approved VAT Management Software


Getting an NBR Approved VAT Software Solution is considered a smart move these days. And why wouldn’t we call so? It’s saving you tons of time, money, and mostly, the hassles of extended processing. So, it’s better to transfer your hassle through a VAT software and get ease in return.

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