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More Than Just A Team

iBOS is more than just an IT Firm. It’s been created as a community of creative minds. The company views its employees as partners and works together as a team to serve its clients.



iBOS is a company where people are given the most importance. It’s believed that satisfied people make successful organizations.



Agility is said to be one of the most powerful virtues that iBOS has. Communication and high synchronisation among the team members result in outcomes.



People here at iBOS collaborate to solve problems together, achieve goals, and grow as persons. You will find your productivity skyrocketing as a part of the team over here!

Internship Oppurtunities

We are here to hear from you about your business purpose and help you with proper guidence.


FAQ: Have Questions in Mind? Just Ask!

Some of your questions are answered here, see if you can find yours.

Ans. Of course! Feel free to apply for all the openings you see yourself fit for.
Ans. We prefer you start preparing yourself from university. Having said that, learning has no age and you can start now as well. Reach out to us whenever you feel you’re ready.
Ans. Mail your CV or resume to us at our email address and we’ll have a look!
Ans. We offer a wide range of positions from entry level to senior level. We welcome innovative and enthusiastic minds of every age.
Ans. Most positions are full-time, but don’t let that stop you from applying.
Ans. Not really. We work from 9am-6pm six days a week.