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iBOS, The Fastest Growing Software Company With 15 Years of Experience

iBOS – Intelligent Business Operating System, the Leading Software Development Company in Bangladesh, is focused on bringing in the finest business solutions of the country that will make business automation more manageable than ever. We believe in young minds too who know how to put innovation and efficiency on the same page.

iBOS Approach of Working

We prefer bottom-up thinking. We experiment, gain knowledge, strategize, and then execute.

Errors as evidence of attempting. Our team members are willing to explore and learn from their mistakes.

We are all deserving of equal opportunity and respect, regardless of our position in the hierarchy or our race, religious beliefs, or gender.

We take enjoyment seriously and want to organize regular social gatherings and events to keep the fun continuing!

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Senior .NET Developer

  • 5+ Years of Experience
  • .NET, C#

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