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PeopleDesk will Simplify the HR Operation of DISA; Agreement Signed

DISA signed PeopleDesk iBOS LIMITED HR Software in Bangladesh

PeopleDesk will Simplify the HR Operation of DISA; Agreement Signed

We are thrilled to announce the incredible partnership between iBOS Limited and the renowned Development Initiative for Social Advancement (DISA)! Together, we are embarking on an exciting journey to revolutionize their HR management with our top-notch solution, PeopleDesk!

On 9 October, 2023 the signing ceremony took place at DISA’s corporate office located at Mirpur, Dhaka. From iBOS Limited it’s Chief Project Officer (CPO) Md. Al Amin signed the agreement and the counterpart was signed by DISA’s peoples concern while other senior officials of the reputable organization enlighten the ceremony with their presence.

DISA is a non-political and non-governmental organization started in 1993 to help Bangladesh achieve its Sustainable Development Goals. The organization aims to help the country achieve a productive, prosperous, and sustainable future. Since its inception, it has contributed to poverty alleviation through various economic activities such as women empowerment, skill training for youth, education, social entrepreneurship, and other initiatives related to social development. DISA operates 102 branch offices and 23 social enterprises in 19 districts of Bangladesh and has successfully implemented several development programs, including 1 standard residential training center in Mirpur, Dhaka. DISA is regularly working to expand its activities through creativity, innovation and uniqueness. With PeopleDesk, the DISA team will experience a transformation in their HR operations!

The advanced solution of PeopleDesk offers a streamlined and efficient HR management system, serving every aspect of workforce management. From employee onboarding to leave management and performance tracking, PeopleDesk has it all. The power of it’s user-friendly interface makes all human resource management tasks a breeze for the professionals and employees alike. With PeopleDesk, DISA is set to soar to new heights of productivity and efficiency.

iBOS Limited is incredibly proud to support DISA’s quest for efficient HR management and overall success. The organization expects to ensure their focus on education, charitable work, and humanitarian aid reaches even greater heights.

If you are interested to learn more about PeopleDesk, please visit the website of iBOS Limited or Book a Demo via WhatsApp here.

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