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PeopleDesk will Simplify the HR Operation of DISA

DISA signed PeopleDesk iBOS LIMITED HRM Software

PeopleDesk HRM Software will Simplify DISA HRM

One of the leading Non-government and Non-political development organizations in Bangladesh, DISA has signed an agreement with iBOS Limited. Under this agreement, the renowned institute will use our cloud-based HRM software to simplify its operation. We are thrilled to have them on board as one of our valuable clients.

Agreement Signing Ceremony

The incredible partnership signing between iBOS Limited and Development Initiative for Social Advancement (DISA) took place on 9 October, 2023 at DISA’s corporate office located at Mirpur, Dhaka. Our Chief Project Officer (CPO) Md. Al Amin signed the agreement paper from iBOS. The counterpart was signed by DISA’s HRM concern to complete the HR management software partnership agreement’s official procedure. During the ceremony, other senior officials from both organizations were present.

About DISA and What It Does

Starting its journey in 1993, DISA aims to contribute to the development of Bangladesh by fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of the United Nations. The prominent development organization is working towards ensuring a poverty-free Bangladesh through various financial activities. Some of these activities include; providing essential training to women of rural areas in order to empower them to become self-dependant. In addition, it provides education, skill development training, and guidance to become entrepreneurs to the young generation helping them in reducing the unemployment crisis in the country.

Why Chose PeopleDesk HR Management Software

DISA operates a total of 102 branch offices and 23 social enterprises in 19 different districts of Bangladesh. In these locations, it has successfully executed various development programs. One of their notable venues is the standard residential training center located at Mirpur, Dhaka working towards the skill development training of the youth. DISA is continuously working to scale up its activities using creativity, innovation, and oneness.

As the most advanced cloud-based HR management software, PeopleDesk will be the people management partner of DISA. The transformation will lead to automated attendance reporting, dynamic leave management, movement, and instant payroll calculation based on the policies. This will result in a big retrenchment of the time and effort in their overall operation. With PeopleDesk, DISA is set to soar to new heights of productivity and efficiency.

Why PeopleDesk is the Ultimate Solution?

The most advanced cloud-based solution of PeopleDesk offers a streamlined and efficient HR management system, serving every aspect of workforce management. From employee onboarding to leave management and performance tracking, PeopleDesk has every useful function to make HR tasks easier. The easy-to-use user-friendly interface makes all human resource management tasks a breeze for professionals and employees alike. Therefore, it was a no-brainer for our clients when choosing automation of the human resources process.


Let’s Welcome Our New Client

DISA will join the list of reputed businesses who are already enjoying the benefits of our advanced HR management software soon. The list includes some big names like Matador Group, Uttara Group of Industries, Khaas Food, iFarmer, BLAST, Al Khair Foundation, Pentex Ltd, RMG Sustainability Council etc. We whole-heartedly welcome DISA onboard with all our efforts and well wishes.

We Are Excited to Have them Onboard

iBOS Limited is incredibly proud to support DISA’s quest for efficient HR management and overall success. We hope and expect that their focus on education, charitable work, and humanitarian aid reaches even greater heights with the help of our efficient solution.

Looking for advanced HRM Software?

We understand that managing human resources is the toughest of jobs, but it can be made easier. If you are looking for the ultimate HR management software, be sure that PeopleDesk can assist you in your everyday tasks. Please schedule a free demo of PeopleDesk here or via WhatsApp here. Our dedicated sales team will be in touch with you.

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