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A Complete fintech solution

Investarc is a complete fintech solution for the masses. The purpose of this application is to support people from every walk of life to use finances in an easy way. Investarc is a US based fintech application launched in 2016. The business model was to help people make easy transactions, while getting a commission from the transactions for the platform.

Scope of the project

There are a set of user-flows that should be followed to stay organised. The goal was to create a better UI design and easier navigation. The frontend was based on React, so the design needed to be React friendly.

Features to add

– Budget planning
– Investment tactics
– Overview
– Scheduler/Calendar
– Reports


Investarc a complete fintech solution



After a 5 day design-sprint hackathon, we defined all the necessary features and wireframes needed for the application design. We created an efficient design system to keep the design consistent.
This clean design and minimalistic dropdown base style was appreciated by the existing users a lot. Once each screen was designed and approved, we passed it to the developers.


The Achievements

In terms of success, we have increased the user sign up and average spending on the application by 16.7% than before. We reduced the redesign development time to 4 months as the design and development was running on parallel grounds.

– User increased: 13%

– Navigation gets easier: 27.69%

– Cleanliness: 90% (Redesigned the whole interface)

– Design time: 3 weeks

– Development time: 8 weeks



The “Tactics” Page

People are very sensitive about their money. They want to see where their money is going, how their money is performing. And for a fintech investment application, it is a very important goal to make this process easier for the users.
Where other applications show a lot of complex graphs, charts and metrics; we feel that it is kind of overwhelming and these data can be presented in a more simpler way.

Indeed, people love to see things they already know. And that is why we did not push for a whole new concept. Investarc users can now simply expand and check the data tables with all the Vendor list, Offer code, Offer end dates and their given name for the budget. Budget allocation is a much easier process now.


Investarc a fintech case study tactics page

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