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An E-commerce Platform for Furniture

It is not an easy task to furnish a home with furniture. You all understand the pain of jumping from one store to another spending an excessive amount of time only to spot a few pieces of furniture that catch your attention. Shopping for furniture online may be a solution to your endless shopping journeys and allow you to evaluate numerous possibilities at any time and from any place.

Keeping pace with the other industries, the furniture industry is also trying to go online. WoodCoast, a super furniture shop, too wanted to provide their customers with the awesome experience of digital space. Therefore, they came up with a digital space where users can buy their desired furniture in a simple and easy way.

What is the project about?

Recently, the furniture shop owner of WoodCoast reached out to us with the desire of having a digital space for WoodCoast. They have a huge customer base and they understood their customers’ urge and that’s why they wanted to build a digital solution for this.

They made us their partner in this journey. And in this client project, we tried to make a digital space for the WoodCoast which will ensure an awesome online experience and user-friendliness for their customers.

How did we get started on the project and design their website?

Ux project team meeting

At first, we interviewed our stakeholders and made a survey of the users who are interested in buying furniture online rather than offline. After a looooong discussion among our team members in the ideation phase, we defined the basic feature list for WoodCoast. We took the following features for the initial start.

Features to be added

  1. Offer and discounts with similar products.
  2. Live chat with the shop owner
  3. Shopping Cart
  4. Accurate product information
  5. Detailed Product Pages
  6. Customer Reviews

Along with the feature list, we’ve made the user journey, user flow, and user persona for the WoodCoast before jumping into the design phase.

Detail of the Design phase

Before initiating the final design, we made a paper sketch prototype to see how our enlisted features will show up in the final design. A paper prototype is really a great thing before starting any high-fidelity design. With the paper prototype, all parties involved with a design can receive a great & proper concept of the final output.


Ux case study color & typography section


Typography for ux case study

Paper sketch

Landing Page Paper Prototype

Final Design

Ux furniture ecommerce case study

furniture ecommerce case study mockup

Best furniture ecommerce case study

Furniture ecommerce mockup

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