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H&C Bakery Signed Up for Managerium ERP Solution

Customized ERP Software Bangladesh

We are excited to announce that H&C Bakery, a household name in the bakery industry with more than 8 years of experience has signed an agreement with iBOS Limited. The renowned bakery chain has chosen the most customized ERP Software Bangladesh, Managerium to manage their retail business operation efficiently. Our flagship solution will provide cloud-based assistance to their retail operation.

Agreement Signing Ceremony Held

An agreement signing ceremony help at the corporate office premise of H&C Bakery to initiate the implementation of Managerium, the most customized ERP software. From iBOS Limited, our Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sk Md. Jayed Bin Rashid had signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). On behalf of H&C Bakery, it’s highest authority put the pen on the paper of the MoU documents to sign in to our flagship ERP solution.

During the ceremony, our higher officials of both organizations was also present. Our reputed client, H&C Bakery higher officials had expressed their expectations upon stepping in to the world of automation. Using our customized ERP software Bangladesh, Managerium they are hopeful of being able to manage all the retail business operations online. This will enable them to maintain inventory, production, purchase, sales, accounts and VAT – bring all business functions on the single panel.

About H&C Bakery

Hot and Crusty Bakery, in short H&C Bakery is a well-known bakery and confectionary retail chain shop that is operating inside the capital throughout 8 outlets. Majority of these outlets are situated around Dhanmondi, Mohammadpur, Banasree, Shyamoli, Mirpur and Panthapath regions. The food chain is famous for producing and delivering savoury and affordable cake and dessert items. For a retail business as such, a fully customized ERP Software Bangladesh is extremely important.

Why Choose Managerium – the Most Customized ERP Software Bangladesh

The decision to choose our highly customized ERP Software Bangladesh was not easy for our newly onboarded client. However, upon reviewing the cutting-edge solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of their business, they have decided to start using it. Managerium ERP solution is developed by iBOS Limited starting in the beginning of 2020. Gradually, it was developed into a complete ERP solution combining all the necessary modules a business requires.

Why Managerium is being called the most customized ERP software Bangladesh? It is because, the software is capable of providing different features & functionalities and serve various purposes to different business industries. Starting from manufacturing to trading, service to export, Managerium is capable to serve all these industries. However, it is not bound by the industry type based on functions but can be customized as per need.

Welcome to The Team of ERP Utilizers

Under the AKIJ umbrella, iBOS has developed one of the finest ERP solutions in the name of Managerium of serve many business industries. It has gained significant momentum in the past few years while being used by some of the biggest names of the country. Some of our most notable clients are: Prince Bazar Ltd, Union BD Consumer Ltd, Apon Wellbeing Ltd, Sakura Power Ltd., Hamid Traders, Valent Tech, Divine Carpet and Flooring etc.

Looking for a Efficient ERP Solution?

We understand how hard it is to manage every aspect of a business. It was never easy; but it can be made simpler with the blessing of technology. iBOS is willing to assist you in the journey with Managerium, the most customized ERP software Bangladesh.

You can schedule a free demo with our sales team online here. Additionally, you can schedule your demo over call, the number is +8801329731803. Our dedicated sales team will show you the demo physically or over an online meeting based on your preference.

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