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iBOS Enterprise: Empowering RMG Operations with Precision and Agility

The Best ERP Software in Bangladesh to Bring Your Entire Business Under One Umbrella

iBOS Enterprise streamlines complex RMG operations through integrated solutions that manage everything from procurement to product delivery, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and reduced costs.

Tailored ERP for the Dynamics of RMG Powered by iBOS Enterprise

Designed to meet the unique demands of RMG manufacturers, our ERP solution offers comprehensive tools to handle fluctuating supply chains, compliance requirements, and market dynamics effortlessly.

Key Features


Product Design Development

Streamline sourcing with vendor management and automated procurement processes, tailored for the diverse supplier networks of the RMG industry.

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Compliance and Quality Control

Ensure products meet international standards with integrated quality management and compliance reporting tools.

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Manufacturing Management

Manage production lines efficiently with tools for scheduling, workload balancing, and real-time monitoring of production stages.


Supply Chain Visibility

Gain end-to-end visibility into your supply chain with features designed to track materials from procurement to final shipment.

Industries We Cover

Textile Mills

iBOS Enterprise optimizes operations in textile mills by providing robust tools for production planning, inventory management, and quality control. Our ERP solution enhances efficiency and ensures compliance, adapting seamlessly to the dynamic needs of textile production environments.

Apparel Manufacturing

Designed for the complexities of apparel manufacturing, iBOS Enterprise streamlines processes from design to delivery. This includes managing supply chains, production workflows, and compliance documentation, all within one integrated system that supports agile manufacturing practices.

Apparel Distribution

iBOS Enterprise equips fashion and apparel distributors with the tools needed to manage extensive distribution networks efficiently. It offers features for inventory tracking, order management, and customer relations, ensuring that products reach markets timely and in line with fashion cycles.

Experience the Transformation: Unleash the Power of iBOS in Your RMG Operations

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Other Industries iBOS Enterprise Cover






Export & Import



Solutions that iBOS Enterprise for RMG Offer

1. Merchandising Module

2. Inventory Management

3. Mobile App Overview

4. Kanban Board

The Modules of iBOS Enterprise for RMG


Store & Inventory


Accounts & Finance

IE & Planning

Human Resource




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Fix every organizational operation problem to maximize smooth supervision over your business and push it to a better level than ever!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve got two pricing models. The first one is the One-off Cost and the second one is Monthly Subscription-based.

It’s operable on both smartphones and PC.

Yes, we have a dedicated support team to provide top-notch after-sales service.

Yes, we are, as our server is hosted in Microsoft Azure which is well-known for a breach-proof security system.

Yes, our team of experts will assist you in this regard and will get you all the training you need.

Yes, we are, as our server is hosted in Microsoft Azure which is well-known for a breach-proof security system.

Yes, you’ll be getting our service as long as you’re using the solution.

Yes, you can easily exchange and return products in this software.

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