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Managerium: The Best ERP Software in Bangladesh

Managerium is an all-in-all ERP Software to integrate diverse aspects of a business within a single platform in order to centralize a company’s database, automate regular operations, and streamline business processes for businesses of any size, whether small, medium, or large. This is our Flagship business Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

As one of the best ERP software in Bangladesh, Managerium simplifies business automation of numerous manufacturing, retail, trading, and service businesses. This solution is specialized in sales, inventory, point of sales (POS), purchase, cost control, and accounting for any business that streamlines processes and removes overprocessing so that employees may focus on more complex assignments.

Automate Your Business with a Few Clicks!

Why Managerium is the Best ERP Software in Bangladesh?

Businesses in Bangladesh has started using software for a while now. Many business require to use multiple solutions at once to execute all their tasks which is hectic for anyone. However, using Managerium can reduce all your efforts as we keep all the useful modules inside one solution. This is why we are calling it the best ERP software in Bangladesh.

We do not want to overstate our product feature to prove it. Instead, we recommend you to watch the video of one of our clients explaining how managerium cloud-based ERP solution is helping them in their day-to-day operation.

Why Should You Use a Cloud Based ERP Solution

This is the burning question of many businesses; why do I need an ERP solution to manage my business? Of course, necessity is the mother of all inventions. Technology has eased our life to a greater scale and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are one of the most useful inventions to date. Here are some leading reasons why you need to employ an ERP software in Bangladesh.

Clear View of Profit & Loss

Keeping a clear track of profit and loss is probably the hardest job to pull off in the business. But when you've got the best ERP software at your displosal, one click is enough to show the numbers on profit and loss.

Real-Time Data and Analytics

Using business solution without real-time is purposeless. The best ERP solution generate, store and display all business related data and infographics on the cloud and uses can access them from anywhere on any device.

Multi-Branch Management

The best ERP solution in Bangladesh allows the user to manage multiple branches from one place. So, even if you’re dealing with tons of hassles with more than one branch, a cloud based solution can easily fix that up.

Manage Multiple Warehouses

Looking for a way to handle multiple warehouses at the same time? The best ERP software in Bangladesh allows you to manage multiple warehouses efficiently without any hassle.

Smart Report Generation

Reports are simply the eyes of a business that show you the right direction to move forward or take a turn. The best ERP software in Bangladesh makes it easier than ever with the dynamic report generation.

Control Over Your Business

The best ERP solution in Bangladesh are not developed just to store and maintain your business data. In Fact, control is the most key feature that enables layers of approval to control operational activities.

User-friendly Interface

Having a User-friendly interface is the first thing any user asks for in business software. As a response to that, we have decorated our system with the most user-friendly interface.

Highly-secured Data Server

The chances of losing your data? Well, that’s next to impossible with our highly-secured data server backed by a data recovery system as it’s hosted in Microsoft Azure.

Multiple Warehouses Management

Looking for a way to handle multiple warehouses at the same time? Managerium allows you to have multiple warehouses under management.

Smart Report Generation

Reports are simply the eyes of a business that show you the right way to go. Managerium has made that easier than ever with the dynamic report generation.

Managerium: The Most Affordable Cloud-Based ERP Software in Bangladesh

To bring Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology under the grip of thousands of business organizations and make their operations smoother than ever, iBOS Limited has developed Managerium the best ERP software in Bangladesh. This flagship solution is not only available in a one-time charge pricing model but also has subscription-based pricing. So, if you’re looking for the best ERP software that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, then this is it.

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Businesses That Are Powered By Managerium

A number of leading retail, manufacturing, trading and service based businesses are already using Managerium ERP software in Bangladesh to efficiently manage their business over the cloud. We display our client lists with joy and excitement as we become a part and parcel of their day-to-day business operations.

What Makes Managerium The Best ERP Software?

Fully Cloud-Based

As a cloud-based ERP software, Managerium is accessible from any devices across borders. This makes our solution unique from the conventional solutions and the best ERP software in Bangladesh

Multi-Location Operation

Whether your business is operating locally or internationally, you can maintain all operations from Managerium. No wonder why we identified this as the best ERP software in Bangladesh.

Easy To Use Interface

Managerium offers the most user-friendly interface, easiest navigation and mobile platform among all the ERP software in Bangladesh. This makes our solution unique and useful for the users across different industries.

Customized Modules

Get all the modules available in our complete solution including accounts, purchase, inventory, Human Resources and VAT. We also entertain custom requirements for the unique needs of your business.

Real-Time Data

Afraid of losing your data? That's impossible in Managerium, the best ERP software in Bangladesh with our highly-secured data server backed by a recovery system that is hosted in the Microsoft Azure.

Seamless Support

According to our users, technical support is one of the leading factors why they chose our solution to automate their business operations. Our customer support facilities has helped us standout to become the best ERP solution.

Industries our ERP Solution Covers


Retail businesses require the best ERP software in Bangladesh to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and boost competitiveness. With a diverse market and complex supply chains, our solution Managerium can help manage inventory, sales, and finances seamlessly.


Trading businesses deal with global supply chain, shipment, L/C, repayment and many aspects that cannot be managed manually. Managerium ERP software in Bangladesh can easily automate every process starting from cost estimation to pricing, accounts management to stock.


Manufacturing businesses require to keep track of their raw materials, production plant stock, finish goods, demand vs. supply data and demand forecast based on previous data. All of these can be done using the super efficient modules of Managerium ERP solution with just a few clicks!

RMG & Textile

As the leading export oriented business and biggest source of remittance in Bangladesh, RMG sector has already adapted technology to ease operational workload. Many are using incomplete solutions whereas Managerium ERP software can deliver every useful feature at an affordable cost.

Agro & Livestock

Agro and Livestory industry require to keep track of their produced goods, in market items as well as sold items to get the complete picture of their revenue vs. profit. Managerium is the best ERP software in Bangladesh to streamline all these operations in one single panel.


One might be very surprised to learn that even service industries need to use the best ERP software in Bangladesh for the unique need of their business. Managerium can efficiently manage their resources, scheduling, finances, expenditure, and VAT management by reducing workloads.

Exclusive Features

1. Purchase Management

Managerium eliminates the necessity for individuals to perform manual paperwork by enabling the electronic creation of purchase orders. Furthermore, it ensures prompt processing by producing alerts and notifications to remind users of orders or approvals that are pending.

Managerium resolves purchase receive hassles by streamlining the entire process. By enabling automatic matching of received goods with purchase orders and invoices, reducing manual effort and errors, the best ERP software in Bangladesh ensures error free business operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our expert implementation and support team will provide you with a depth training on how to use the best ERP software in Bangladesh.

As our ERP solution is tailored to the unique needs of your business, we cannot quote a fixed price for it. Our pricing model contains 2 types of costing; One-time implementation charge and monthly subscription fee.

Managerium ERP solution comes with a highly user-friendly mobile application compatible with both android and iOS. Therefore, users can easily operate it on their phones.

Our dedicated customer support team will be always active at your disposal to provide top-notch after sales service.

Managerium offers various integration facilities using API. If you are willing to integrate it to your other business solutions such as CRM, VAT Software, HRIS solution, accounts or inventory software, we can assist you with a smooth integration.

As our server is hosted in Microsoft Azure which maintains layers of data security and back, we can assure you that your data will be fully protected.

In addition, you can host the solution on your own server to keep it secured.

We recommend you use our solution hosted on our server but we can host it on client server as well. As long as you take necessary security measures, your data will be secure.

We offer maintenance service for a brief period without any extra service fee to ensure that our clients remain assurance.

Yes, you can share your customized requirement with us. We will analyze and if the asking features are not already implemented in our solution, we can develop it for you. Managerium is a highly customizable and scalable making it the best ERP software in Bangladesh.

As per our pricing model, we charge a one-time price for software implementation and then a regular monthly subscription fee. If you wish to discontinue using the solution at some point, you can simply notify us and we will refrain from charging you with further monthly subscription fees afterwards.

Get Managerium App on Your Smartphone

This era demands mobile-friendly solutions. This is why we have made Managerium accessible to all platforms and devices by developing an advanced mobile app.

Managerium mobile app is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems and can be downloaded from the official app store. Login to your app using the credentials provided by our software implementation team and start using the best ERP software in Bangladesh.

If you are already Managerium ERP solution to simplify your business operation, you can download our mobile app using the following links. Cordially, our mobile app management team will provide you with download links once you sign up for our software.

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