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PeopleDesk: The Best HR and Payroll Software in Bangladesh

It's a complete HRMS solution

Enhance the HR department’s operations. Employ a single program to manage HR and payroll tasks. Lots of firms around the country utilize our HR software, which is the advanced HR and Payroll software in Bangladesh. PeopleDesk, our all-in-one Human Resource Management Solution, is rigorously designed to manage and predict success for your business. For the first time in Human Resource history, we have combined Recruitment Tools and Employee Activity Functions to give birth to a Hybrid HR Management Solution. 

Why Will You Choose PeopleDesk?

We invite you to take this self-guided tour through our best SaaS-based HR software. You can go through and review at your own pace. If you still need to understand better, just schedule a demo or start your free trial with our SaaS-based HRMS and experience the best HR Software company in Bangladesh.

Maximizes Employee Engagement

PeopleDesk allows the employees to have maximum engagement in the overall management process

Exit Process Management

Takes care of the exit processing where every the financial and documentation settlement can be done easily

Employee Training Management

Makes employee training management easier through proper scheduling, taking training requisition and many more

Best HR and Payroll Management Software in Bangladesh

Create amazing work-life experiences

No matter the complexity of your business, We Provide the ultimate HR Software experience

With cloud-based HR software that adapts to your needs, you can liberate your people team and engage your entire workforce.


Simply upload your employee database with only a few clicks to your new online staff portal.

Optimize Your HR Operation

Never be worried about maintaining track of random requests for time off and shift changes.

Receive Important INSIGHTS

Utilize filters to generate customized reports and data-rich organization visualizations.

PeopleDesk: The Most Affordable SaaS Based HR Management Software in Bangladesh

PeopleDesk is the Most Affordable SaaS Based HR Management Software in Bangladesh which won't only streamline your HR process and save you from unnecessary expenses but will also take productivity to the peak and deliver complete reports & analyses.

saas based hr software in bangladesh peopledesk
peopledesk mobile app hr management software

Advanced Mobile App to Manage your Employees

In order to make every single part of your HR operation easier than ever, PeopleDesk doesn't only run properly on the Web but also in the iOS and Android Platform through a dedicated mobile app where your employees can give remote attendance, apply for leave & movement and can perform every relevant function.

User Friendly Interface

Remote Attendance

Easy Leave Approval

User Friendly Interface

Remote Attendance

Easy Leave Approval

PeopleDesk, It’s all about Redefining your HR and Payroll System

We don’t work for creating software, and we work for solutions that can ease up the lives of people. Our creation PeopleDesk is made to do the same thing – make your HR Operation easier than ever and take down every bit of hassles you’re facing while managing your employees. Isn’t it what you’re expecting from the Best HR and Payroll Software and in Bangladesh.

An All in One HR Solution

PeopleDesk is not made to store information only but to save you from all the papered hassles you’ve been facing for years. It also makes every part of your HR operation easier. so you don’t need to do everything manually anymore. No matter how big your workforce is, you can still manage them with total ease, along with every other aspect of your HR operation.

Synonym of Smart Recruitment

You’re probably wasting tons of your precious hours while looking for the right candidate. But PeopleDesk is here to speed up the process and save you all the time in the world. Where you had to do every single thing in recruitment manually, this advanced software will get everything done from posting jobs to sorting CVs and going for the final screening.

Smooth Benefit Management

The employees are working hard not only for improving the company but also for improving their own financial state. This is where PeopleDesk can get them all the required benefits they deserve, whether it’s through generating salary, calculating overtime, getting leave encashment, financial receiving on a final statement, or any other financial benefits.

It’s Not the Typical Cloud-based HR Software

technology (1)

Advanced Technology

Team iBOS has its own tech stack to deliver you the finest outcome
budget (1)

Balanced Budget Control

We believe in saving you from both hassles and unnecessary excessive costing
help-desk (1)

Top Notch Support

You’ll have the best after-sales service from the finest team of experts

Efficient Communication

We’ll keep you informed of every move and will make you reach us easier than ever.

Let's be fantastic together!

What can PeopleDesk do to improve your HR Activities?

PeopleDesk is one of the most advanced HR and Payroll Software applications in Bangladesh. In comparison to other market-available software, the user interface’s minimalist design and the product’s overall performance are outstanding. The software keeps records of an employee’s base income, payroll management, leave, attendance, loans, salary increases, and late payment management, among other things.

PeopleDesk A Complete HR and Payroll Management Software in Bangladesh

Offering The Best HR and Payroll Software

Our HR and Payroll Software collects and organizes all the data gathered during the employee life cycle, and then assists you in utilizing that data to achieve greatness. Whether you are hiring, onboarding, setting compensation, or establishing a culture, PeopleDesk gives you the time and insight to focus on your most valuable asset: your people.


Our HR Software as a Service includes pre-built security. We prioritize the protection of software, data, and access control in every component of the systems we develop.

Improved business agility

PeopleDesk equips you with the capacity to adapt to these changes by providing you with a consistent, accurate, and real-time view of your global workforce to make more informed decisions.


In PeopleDesk, employees can simply manage their operations through the mobile app. The supervisor can also approve applications for leave, visits, and remote attendance easily.

Why You Need HR Software?

Exclusive Features

1. Speeding Up Recruitment

Find out your desired manpower through publishing jobs using customized applications form that’ll collect proper and detailed information from the applicants.

You can provide instant feedback to the interested candidates against their application whether they’ve been selected for the next stage or not.

Hiring employees for different criteria is not a hassleful job anymore. PeopleDesk can pull that off too as it makes hiring based on position criteria easier than ever. 

You can track the number of times a single candidate applies. So, rather than looking for new applicants every time, you can filter from the ones that have applied earlier.

2.Employee Management

This part of PeopleDesk will allow you to have all the information of every employee within the organization, including contact details or any other information useful for the organization.

Clearly, there will be lots of employees will be using the software. But with PeopleDesk, you can control the access of any employee in the system.

Every employee needs a supervisor who can guide him/her and will be the in-charge of their actions. PeoppleDesk will make that part easier.

You can’t go to every desk to let every employee know about the upcoming declarations. Thanks to Digital Notice Board that’ll let every employee know about the new notice.

Approving relevant documents can be a pain in the neck at times. But PeopleDesk’s Advanced Approval System will make that easier than ever whether you need approval over leave-related documents or any other kind of docs.

3. Flawless Shift Management

Not every employee is going to have the same shift of work. But as with shift management, you can fix up the right time for every employee. 

Let specific employees know when his/her roaster duty is going to get started. That will also take down the tendency of late arrivals and absence.

Get a detailed shift report with a single where you’d get to know who suppose to show up on duty and who hasn’t.

4. Attendance Tracking System

Having a good attendance system can improve attendance consistency among employees, and PeopleDesk can easily do that with ease. You can also integrate attendance machines with it.

It’s nothing impossible for your employees to work from a remote place. But no matter wherever they are, a dedicated app will allow them to give remote attendance.

Getting the whole report of monthly attendance is not a pain in the neck anymore. All you need to do is access the right module and grab that report in the first place.

PeopleDesk will get you a detailed monthly attendance report that will include on-time arrivals, late attendance, and absence.

5. Overtime Management

It won’t take even a minute for you to calculate the total overtime when you’ve got this system installed in your organization.

With PeopleDesk, it's not hard anymore to find out who's staying late and giving their best to your company. The names are just 'clicks' away.

As reports matter the most for smoother HR operations, you’ll get the complete report of your employee’s overtime schedule as well.

6. Leave Management

For saving you from the pile of papered leave applications, PeopleDesk comes with an online leave application system where the employee can mention the dates and reasons for leave.

Rather than struggling with the applications, you can have a quick review of the applications and go for approval or disapproval.

PeopleDesk has made leave application submission easier than ever as the application can be submitted remotely through the app.

It’s the rule of HR that you’ll have to encash the unused leaves of your employees. This HR solution can make that a hands-free process once and for all.

7. Structuring and Generating Salary

Indeed structuring salary is a hazardous process. But to cut it short, PeopleDesk can help you by Preparing salary structures within the shortest time.

Generating salary is no more a process of days. One-click is enough for this software to generate the salary of your entire workforce.

PeopleDesk will track who missed showing up in their workdays and can adjust the salary as there can be deductions due to late and absence.

8. Loan Management

Are you getting tired of keeping track of all the loan applications manually? Guess what? It’s easy to submit an application for a loan or advance salary through PeopleDesk whenever the employees want.

You don’t want to grab all the papered sheets of loan applications and approve them manually, can you? Well, PeopleDesk will take care of that too whether you want to approve or reject the application.

Who said you’ll have to worry about the loan adjustment? Its easy loan adjustment system from the salary will take your headaches down.

9. Tax Management

Once PeopleDesk starts backing you up, you don’t need to worry about calculating and managing the tax from the salary anymore.

Tax rules are something that is subject to frequent alteration. But whenever there will be any changes there, you’ve got Total flexibility over adding tax rules or altering them.

As PeopleDesk helps with proper tax management, it gets easier to ensure TDS which helps with the annual audit.

Here are all the functions, you'll get from our finest HR Management Software solution: PeopleDesk.

Best HR Software, Best Pricing

Great Value, Monthly, Transparent & No Surprises. Choose the best pricing plan for your business.


৳1,999 /Month
  • Upto 30 employees
  • Free Installation Charge
  • Complementary Service

    Complementary Service for the First Month

  • Dedicated Support
  • Regular Free Updates


৳3,499 /Month
  • Upto 60 Employees
  • Free Installation Charge
  • Complementary Service

    Complementary Service for the First Month

  • Dedicated Support
  • Regular Free Updates


৳4,999 /Month
  • Upto 110 Employees
  • Installation Charge - 5000/-
  • Complementary Service

    Complementary Service for the First Month

  • Dedicated Support
  • Regular Free Upgradation


Customized Plan
  • For 110+ Employees
  • Customized Features

    The customer can ask for any kind fo customization in order match their operational flow

  • Installation Charge- Negotiable
  • Privileged Support

    Special Support for Enterprise Clients

  • Free Upgrades

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Fix every organizational operation problem to maximize smooth supervision over your business and push it to a better level than ever!

For Every Business

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it surely will as it has all the relevant features like job posting, customized application forms, instant feedback system, dynamic interface, detailed employee information, salary generation, and many more.

Sure! A team of our expert engineers is going to make sure that PeopleDesk has been installed properly as you HR Management Software and functioning properly as per your requirement. 

No, the above-mentioned prices exclude VAT & Tax.

Indeed it is as we have made sure maximum security by following every single security while building the software.

As a user, you’ll be getting all the required support regarding the software as long as you’re using the software.

Yes, it is. If you’ve got a small business and maintaining your manpower details through spreadsheets, it can turn into a hazardous process. So, it’s better to eliminate that hassle with PeopleDesk.

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