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The Future of ERP Software in Bangladesh: Trends and Predictions

Best ERP Software Company in Bangladesh

There is no way to deny that ERP software company in Bangladesh are growing drastically. They literally enabled businesses to simplify their operations, improve efficiency, and increase output, and turned into an indispensable instrument for companies all over the country. The recent uptick in the usage of ERP software in Bangladesh has indicated that businesses are preferring automated tasks and cloud-based operation management.

This is a positive sign for the country’s business landscape as the era demands more utilization of technology in every sector. In this article, we will investigate the recent developments and look ahead to the prospects of the businesses of ERP software companies in Bangladesh.

Current Trends of ERP Software Company in Bangladesh

ERP software companies in Bangladesh are establishing a trend across the country, which indicates a positive growth in the local software development market. The dependencies on international solutions are reducing as local companies develop innovative solutions to compete vigorously. Here are some trends that have been introduced by local IT companies in Bangladesh.


Global Standard Solution Developed Locally

As of this year, a handful number of local software development companies have successfully developed global standard business solutions all on their own in Bangladesh. It takes a lot of effort and courage to come up here from being an agro-based economy to a technology revolution in such a short period. Credit goes to the rapidly growing local software companies constantly competing with international giants.

Business solutions such as Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP), Human Resources Information System (HRIS), VAT management solutions, Point Of Sales (POS), Accounting and Inventory Solutions, FinTech, Digital Healthcare Solutions, E-Commerce, Rental and Dropshipping Marketplace, SaaS Application, and Mobile Apps are some of the most popular software Bangladeshi software companies develop on a regular basis.

ERP software companies in Bangladesh are the most significant part of the above segment, developing various solutions for businesses of different sizes. Some mention-worthy ERP software companies in Bangladesh are iBOS Limited, DataSoft Systems, BrainStation-23, Divine IT, Pridesys IT, Smart Software Ltd, etc. Not only did they develop their own complete solution but also collaborated with international companies like SAP, Oracle, Zoho, Odoo, etc.

Cloud Based VAT Software in Bangladesh

Everything Cloud-based and Mobile-First

The move toward using cloud-based solutions is one of the most significant trends observed in ERP software companies in Bangladesh. ERP software hosted in the cloud allows businesses to access their data whenever and from wherever they choose. This makes it much simpler for companies to manage their operations and communicate with many stakeholders.

In addition, mobile responsiveness and compatibility have become a priority among Bangladeshi users. The best software companies in Bangladesh also aligned their goal with the users’ demand and started developing software compatible with any smart cellphones regardless of operating system, technology stack, and attributes. This practice has turned out to be an intelligent move as local business owners started relying on them gradually.

We can anticipate that more businesses in Bangladesh will embrace cloud-based ERP solutions, which can assist them in lowering the expenses associated with their infrastructure and improving their ability to scale. ERP software companies in Bangladesh offer affordability alongside other expected benefits which makes it easier for enterprises to decide which software they will use in the long run.

The Role of AI and ML in ERP Software

Integration with Emerging Technologies

If you are surprised to hear that local software companies are capable of integrating their solution into any global software solution, you are probably way back in time or have limited knowledge of the evolution of ERP software companies in Bangladesh. It has become a very common practice as IT firms understand the necessity of such cross-platform collaboration over time.

How organizations are run is revolutionized by up-and-coming technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). ERP software companies in Bangladesh are expected to include these technologies in their products, allowing companies to automate regular procedures and better understand how their businesses function. This integration may also result in creating more sophisticated analytical tools that can assist firms in making data-driven decisions.

Data Security is the Main Priority

Data security is one of the biggest concerns in Bangladesh, especially since conventional businesses resort to using old-school paper and filings in order to maintain their confidentiality. The leading ERP software companies in Bangladesh have successfully identified this tendency and thus, implemented international standard data security measures in their solution in order to convince their customers.

Best ERP software companies offer password-protected, end-to-end encrypted solutions with Two Factor Authorization (2FA) that are both safe and secure. As more businesses in the country embrace the use of mobile devices, they have also developed mobile apps with advanced security measures. It has become possible for organizations to boost their productivity and collaboration with the help of secured ERP software in Bangladesh.

To guarantee that businesses may access their data in a risk-free environment, the best software companies in Bangladesh also provide essential cyber security training to the users. This comes as a value addition that assures the users that their precious business data is in safe hands.

Focused on User Experience

User experience, also known as UX, is now widely recognized as an essential component of the overall success of any software application. Like every other country, the best software companies in Bangladesh also prioritize the importance of User Experience design as one of their core tasks while developing any business solution.

It is anticipated that ERP software companies in Bangladesh prioritize the delivery of a superior user experience by focusing on the development of interfaces that are more user-friendly and intuitive. These could include features that make it simpler for clients to manage their operations, such as drag-and-drop capability, configurable dashboards, and streamlined workflows.

Whether this is the most important factor or not, that only the users will determine. However, some statistics show that having a superior user experience is one of the leading factors in purchase-related decision-making of cloud-based solutions.

Increased Customization and Flexibility

A solution as good as it is while developed may not be appealing or useful enough to users when that does not serve all the purposes of their business. This is why customization facilities are essential for any business solution anywhere in the world. The best ERP software company in Bangladesh also develops ready-to-use cloud-based ERP solutions but they also offer customizations for businesses.

Every company has specific requirements that create a new scope of development for ERP software companies in Bangladesh. Thus, they offer additional customization choices and flexible deployment models to cater to the various requirements of business. In the not-too-distant future, they may include the flexibility to launch Machine Learning (ML) based modules to automate repetitive tasks to be executed without any involvement of human users.

Future Predictions About ERP Software Companies in Bangladesh

As Bangladesh has set its vision on a smart country model based on IT, IoT, and automation, the future projection of ERP software companies in Bangladesh looks bright from afar. We have identified reasons for these organizations to go all-out and automate the work processes of all-sized businesses in the near future. Here are some predictions that we believe will picture the future of ERP software companies in Bangladesh.

Significant Growth

In the years to come, Bangladesh is likely going to make more use of ERP solutions. The government’s emphasis on digitalization and automation is likely to accelerate the use of business software among private companies. This is a golden opportunity for the best ERP software company in Bangladesh to come up with a vast business plan, robust software solution capabilities, unique problem-solving skills, and adaptability to the latest technology trends to become the largest business industry in Bangladesh.

We do not predict that any other industry will fall short of growth but the opportunities are there for ERP software companies in Bangladesh to make it big. Having said that, it will not solely depend on the number of users they have but rather how smartly they will solve the problems of their users.

Excellent Solution

More and more companies in our country will seek additional customization possibilities as they become aware of the benefits of ERP software. This will result in pressure on ERP software companies in Bangladesh to make various changes in their conventional solution. Although it seems like a burden on their initial work process, there are blessings in disguise.

As the best software companies in Bangladesh expand the number of customization choices available to their customers, by the time they will turn their solution into a more complete, useful, and invaluable product. To successfully fulfill their requirements, they will produce excellence that may make them the best ERP software company on only in Bangladesh but also in the world.

Global Recognition

The integration of locally-made ERP software with other global standard applications will become increasingly common in the years to come. A comprehensive solution that can help businesses enhance their efficiency and streamline their operations will be in high demand among companies. It may sound like a complex affiliation for organizations but will offer a hand to uplift the reputation of the ERP software companies in Bangladesh.

Imagine ERP software companies in Bangladesh offering your business a collaboration opportunity between their solution and some of the leading international applications such as SalesForce, PowerBI, HubSpot, Tableau, Zoom, etc. Who would not want to use an affordable ERP solution that comes with so many integration capabilities? Ideally, it would mean more for an ERP software company in Bangladesh than its users. They would rise to fame for such collaborative achievements without any flashy marketing activities.

Global Expansion

When businesses grow, the first thing they consider is expansion. That will be the case for ERP software companies in Bangladesh if they can meet the above expectations. An opportunity for global business expansion will be on the cards for them when they partner up with some of the leading tech giants in the world.

Opportunities will be plenty if they can knock on the right doors. It is no secret that global technology giants like Google, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and their investors continuously seek excellence in the market and scopes to invest. When our native businesses will come up with innovative solutions, they will get the attention of the above and more venture capital firms. If they can tick all the boxes right, the possibility of an expansion will become a reality in no time.

Final Words

The future of ERP software companies in Bangladesh appears to be bright due to the increasing adoption of the technology, the availability of talented resources, the collaborative opportunities, and the availability of investments for the right businesses. The utilization of blockchain technology may become another factor that we did not mention due to its unprecedented nature. As IT companies in Bangladesh gain greater insights on the nature of ERP software, they will begin to improve more for the benefits they may enjoy.

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