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Top 9 Misconceptions About HR Software in Bangladesh

Top 9 Misconceptions About HR Software in Bangladesh

It’s no secret that integrating technology into human resources is transforming how we manage our personnel. However, many SMEs underestimate the usefulness of a Human Resource Information System or HR software in Bangladesh because of misunderstandings regarding its objective. 

Maintaining a similarity there, HR professionals in Bangladesh are trying to skip getting Human Resource Management software, and it’s probably because of a bunch of misconceptions. But what are they? Well, that’s what we’re about to reveal today. 

Top 9 Misconceptions About HR Software in Bangladesh

HR Software in Bangladesh: The Misconceptions

We don’t know why your HR is keeping his hands off HR software. But we can guess that’s one of the following reasons for sure.

“We don’t need an HR Software since we’re not large enough.”

Getting an HRIS early on in a company’s life cycle is typically put off since it’s seen to be unneeded for managing a small crew. The advantages of automation are now available to businesses of all sizes. It’s a useful tool that allows you access to the most up-to-date information in real time. As your business grows, you’ll have the data you need to anticipate and handle challenges that arise as you manage your expanding crew.

There are tons of HR solutions for SMEs out there. It all comes down to getting one that will provide the most value to your business by fulfilling your requirements and collaborating with you with a view to expanding it.

We don't need an HR Software since we're not large enough.

“It isn’t worth the money getting HR Software in Bangladesh.”

It’s considered a cost rather than an investment is part of the issue. If you make 2000 taka per hour and spend 4 hours per day on administrative activities, that’s 960 hours and 1920000 takas of your annual salary dedicated to procedures that can be completed in minutes. When leveraged to its greatest potential, well-implemented HR software may assist an HR department in driving success via enhanced employee engagement, retention, and well-being.

Inefficient procedures in the workplace sometimes go undetected therefore use quantitative metrics to bring in the overall picture. How much money is now being spent on administrative tasks? How much money and time may be saved and gained by implementing an HRIS? When you show your leaders the importance of numbers, they will be less likely to turn the other way.

It isn't worth the money getting an HR Software in Bangladesh.

“The security of our company’s data will be jeopardized.”

The best HR software in the market encrypts data and has built-in access restrictions that allow or deny access to certain sorts of employee data. They also provide a standardized API that allows for seamless integration with your internal systems, eliminating the need to transfer data to the new system manually.

So, research possible vendors’ data integrity processes and protections so you’ll be ready to answer any queries or concerns when presenting the concept of acquiring an HRIS. In addition, your corporate officials will be more confident in granting your request if you are aware of how the program operates.

The security of our company's data will be jeopardized

“It will not be used by my team.”

Human resources software is designed to make personnel management operations more efficient for both managers and workers. Your employees will enjoy having more autonomy over how they manage and access their personal data without having to go via HR every time. Furthermore, with tech-savvy Millennials now accounting for the bulk of the workforce, the software will be quickly adopted for its simplicity and efficiency.

So, if you don’t believe your team will utilize it much, get them involved right away. Allow them to choose the software they believe is most suited to their requirements, and they’ll be more inclined to utilize it once it’s in place.

It will not be used by my team.

“It will completely replace HR department.”

Although this is primarily a matter for HR experts, it is nonetheless worth mentioning. If you’re worried that switching to cloud HR would make your job less valued, you couldn’t be more incorrect. To meet employee demands, a good HR department must still use solid judgment, logic, negotiation, and creativity – something that technology cannot do for you. A program can assist you in solving the issue, but not the answer when it comes to driving strategic objectives. If HR is to continue to encourage corporate success, human thought, and touch will always be required.

So, the essential aspect to remember is that HR’s genuine worth rests in your capacity to affect the bottom line via your staff. HR technology isn’t intended to take your place; rather, it’s designed to help you make the most of your HR expertise.

It will completely replace HR.

“Human resources software may ‘dehumanize’ the workplace.”

In a nutshell, we feel that good HR software solutions save up HR departments’ time by doing administrative work for them. In addition, this frees them up to concentrate on strategic growth, employee engagement, happiness and wellness, and so on – all of which are becoming more crucial as millennials take over the workforce (they will account for 75% by 2030) and Generation Z joins the fray.

Human resources software may 'dehumanize' the workplace.

“We don’t need to put a lot of emphasis on compliance.”

This is the most harmful misconception on the list and one that SMEs believe in all too often. Smaller firms often struggle to find the time and resources necessary to ensure compliance requirements are followed, and it all too often gets swept under the rug owing to other, “more vital” business concerns. According to a 2016 survey, just 25% of company owners are knowledgeable about employee rights and employment legislation.

Regrettably, no matter how many workers a firm has, the regulations remain the same, and it’s risky to think that you won’t be found out because of your size. HR software may provide recommendations and standard workflow procedures to help you remain compliant with legislation and policies, as well as significantly lower the chance of being brought to an employment tribunal.

Small firms, on the other hand, should make being compliant a top priority if they want to prevent damaging their brand in the marketplace.

We don't need to put a lot of emphasis on compliance.

“HR software is too costly to deploy.”

Yes, some HR software solutions are pricy, but there are many less expensive alternatives. Some are even absolutely free (but keep in mind that their functionality is typically severely restricted, and you won’t get the same advantages).

In reality, rather than costing you money, HRIS systems are meant to help businesses save money on operational overhead costs. There will be less manual work to do if good software is implemented that requires users to follow the necessary workflow processes. As a result, HR practitioners, people managers, and employees will have more time to focus on business development and achieving their company, team, or individual goals. Staff retention will almost certainly improve as a result of connecting with workers and guaranteeing their contentment in their current position. As a result, deploying an HR software solution should have a beneficial impact on the bottom line.

HR software is too costly to deploy.

“It’s too time-consuming and difficult.”

Don’t get me wrong: not every HR system is simple and straightforward to use. Some aren’t very intuitive, and navigating them may be difficult. However, not all HR software is created equal, and cloud-based HR software is often more user-friendly and accessible. Some are really too simple to use since they have limited functionality, so it’s vital to be mindful of that as well.

In general, we believe that doing comprehensive research into the HR software industry is the best course of action, paired with some outside help of course. Every organization is different and has various needs, but just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean HR software isn’t suited for you. The advantages may be enormous, and everyone in your firm, big or little, will enjoy them.

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