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Union BD Consumer Ltd Signed an Agreement with iBOS

Union BD Consumer Ltd Signed Agreement with iBOS for VAT Management software Best ERP Software in Bangladesh

iBOS Limited is glad to add Union BD Consumer Ltd., a well-known name in the trading business, to our list of valued clients. This exciting partnership means that a deal has been signed and the signing process has been completed successfully. 

Union BD Consumer Ltd. chose a powerful two-for-one deal: our all-in-one business solution, Managerium, and Prime VAT, the NBR-approved VAT management software. 

This smart choice will definitely make their processes run more smoothly and make their business more efficient. We’re looking forward to working together and giving Union BD Consumer Ltd. the tools it needs to be even more successful.

Agreement Signed Between iBOS and Union BD

The official agreement signing ceremony took place at UBCL’s corporate office on October 26, 2023, to finalize that the two organizations will work together in a useful way.  Representatives from both sides were at the event as guests of honor. The deal was signed by the respected Managing Director of UBCL, Mr. Mohammad Jafar Imam, and the CEO of iBOS Limited, Mr. Sk Md Jayed Bin Rashid.

Md. Ikbal Hoshen (Chief Development Officer), Md. Nazmul Haque Sabuj (Senior Manager of Business Development), and Pial Shahriar (Senior Business Development Executive) were all at the ceremony showing how committed iBOS is to this relationship.

This willingness to work together is a sign of a bright future for both businesses, and we can’t wait to see how iBOS’ Managerium and Prime VAT products improve UBCL’s processes.

Why UBCL Chose Our VAT Solution?


To understand how important this relationship is from a strategic point of view, it’s important to know where UBCL stands in the market.  Union BD Consumer Ltd. (UBCL) is a big name in the Bangladeshi market and specializes in selling and marketing high-quality beauty goods all over the country.

Focusing on quality is a great fit for the services that iBOS Limited provides.  Managerium, iBOS’s most popular ERP solution, will completely change how UBCL does its business.  Managerium is an all-in-one cloud-based software that will make managing assets, inventory, resources, and finances easier.

Additionally, their purchases, invoices, stock status, and financial data will all be put together in one easy-to-use system helping them to get rid of the problems that come with managing different sets of data. Not only that, Prime VAT will give UBCL’s VAT management team a big lift.

The NBR-approved software Prime VAT gives users great ways to keep track of VAT records, challans, and reports, making sure they are always in compliance and working efficiently. Using these powerful solutions, UBCL will be able to significantly improve the efficiency of operations allowing them to commit even more resources to giving their customers the best quality products. 

What our clients say

We’re excited to share the good things that our beloved client UBCL has said about us. UBCL is a leader in the business of distributing beauty products, and they put quality and customer happiness above all else.  Their new relationship with iBOS Limited has given them the right tools to make their business run more smoothly and more efficiently.

UBCL has said that both Prime VAT and Managerium make them very happy. Our NBR-approved VAT management program, Prime VAT, has become the best cloud-based option for their VAT needs.  It is now very easy to keep track of VAT records, challans, and returns. This makes sure that compliance goes smoothly and frees up important resources.

Managerium, our all-in-one ERP system, has had an equally amazing effect.  Managerium is a cloud-based tool that gives UBCL a single place to manage their assets, inventory, resources, purchases, bills, accounts, and finances.  This gets rid of the hassle of handling different data sources and gives UBCL an easy-to-use method for full financial control.

The praise from UBCL is a huge boost for our Managerium and Prime VAT teams, and it makes us even more determined to create the best cloud-based VAT and ERP systems in the country.

Our growing list of happy customers, which includes businesses that make things, trade things, and provide services, shows that our software works. By giving companies like UBCL more power, iBOS Limited is happy to help improve operations all over Bangladesh.

The Clients we serve

Joining Union BD on the lengthy list of happy clients who are planning to overhaul their tax management environment is an honor. Among the many notable clients of Prime VAT at present are Sakura Power, Asian Holdings, Western Engineering Pvt. Limited, Sundora, Flora Limited, Sea Star Automobiles, Aman Group Limited, and many more.

Managerium Clients

Many well-known firms are adopting ‘Managerium’ to streamline their operations, including Hamid Traders, H&C Bakery, Prine Bazar, and many more. Prime VAT and Mangerium allow companies to focus on what matters most. Moreover, it is more efficient with its time and resources.     

Want a perfect ERP and VAT solution for your company? 

Are you trying to find the best ERP or Cloud-based VAT solution for your business, just like other well-known companies? The best ERP solution for small and medium enterprises, Managerium and leading NBR-approved VAT software is at your disposal. You can schedule a free demo of our product anytime online or over a voice call during office hours. 

Feel free to schedule a free demo here, or call +88 01329731802 for your booking.

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