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Prime VAT: NBR Approved VAT Management Software in Bangladesh

#1 Cloud-Based VAT Software in Bangladesh

In the corporate world, VAT and tax are probably considered as the most hassling parts. But iBOS has come up with this perfect solution, Prime VAT which is one of the NBR Approved VAT Management software in Bangladesh. Not only this it will fix up your problems like complications in VAT & Tax calculation, the chance of human error, insecurity about VAT Data, excessive time consumption, and inadequate VAT Reports.
3hrs implementation

Fastest Implementation within 3 HOURS!!!

Statistics say that the Implementation of a VAT software takes 4-8 weeks.

But who’s got the time to waste? So, iBOS Limited has cut short that time, and you can have Prime VAT Implemented in just 3 HOURS!!!!

Why Prime VAT is the Best VAT Management Software in Bangladesh?

Prime VAT is undoubtedly one of the finest VAT management software in Bangladesh. Certified by the National Board of Revenue (NBR), Prime VAT is the latest addition to the list with all the latest compliances, policies and modules integrated. As the primary VAT management solution, serving countless business, we would like to present our customer feedback in their own words.

One of our valued clients, Asian Holdings expressed their satisfaction with Prime VAT in an one-to-one discussion. The below short video will give you a clear idea.

Why You Need an NBR Approved VAT Management Software?

The National Board of Revenue (NBR) of Bangladesh has made it mandatory for all businesses to maintain transparent VAT management. In addition, it is mandatory for any business with an annual turnover of 5 Crore Tk to manage its’ VAT using one of the NBR-enlisted VAT management software in Bangladesh. Using a cloud-based VAT management software enables businesses to maintain VAT records without any manual paperwork.

Prime VAT is designed by maintaining all the NBR guidelines and is completely compliant with the VAT & SD Act 2012. Curious to know more about Prime VAT features?

Prime VAT Dashboard, an NBR approved VAT Management Software in Bangladesh

Businesses That Are Happily Using Prime VAT Software

Why Choose Prime VAT?

VAT Act Compliant

Prime VAT as an NBR-approved VAT software is 100% Compliant with the VAT & SD act 2012.

NBR Prescribed Mushak Reports

You Can generate each and every NBR prescribed Mushak report with a single click.

Configurable Modules

The configurable modules it comes with will give you complete operational flexibility.

Automated Taxation Process

VAT Management software keeps the VAT & Taxation process error-free and automated

Alteration of Tax Rules

Prime VAT will give you complete freedom to alter the rules as per your need.

User Access Control

You’re in total control over user access and can prevent any unauthorized entry.

Multi-brunch VAT Management

If you’ve more than one brunch, you can ensure VAT Management from one end with ease.

Highly-Secured and Cloud-based

Being hosted in Microsoft Azure made this VAT Management software a secured one.

Detailed Reporting

You’ve got all the reports related to VAT at your fingertips with total transparency.

Time & Effort Saver

This VAT Management software is all about minimizing time consumption and effort investment.

Convenient Data Migration

It makes performing data migration not only highly convenient but also less time-consuming.

Automatic Data Backup System

An automatic data backup backed by the restoration facility will keep all your data protected.

Prime VAT Modules













Advanced System to Manage Your VAT Operations At Once!

In order to make every single part of your VAT operation easier than ever, Prime VAT Software has come up with a flawless system that will make your VAT return process easier along with saving precious time and effort.

Prime VAT, It’s all about Redefining your VAT Management System

We don’t work to create software; we work for solutions that can ease up the lives of people.

Our creation, Prime VAT is made to do the same thing – make your VAT operation simpler than ever and take down every bit of hassles you’re facing while managing VAT returns. Isn’t it what you’re expecting from the
best NBR Approved VAT Software in Bangladesh?

best NBR Approved software in bangladesh

It’s Not the Traditional Cloud-based VAT Software

Long gone are the days when you had to lose your head over managing your VAT. Most VAT software in Bangladesh today has trouble working with different systems, makes mistakes when analyzing data, and gets clouded up.

Prime VAT, the best NBR-Approved Cloud-based VAT Software in Bangladesh, is made for managing VAT processing without error. This one has it all, whether you’re looking for Mushak 4.3 (Input-Output Coefficient), Mushak 6.1 (Purchase Register), Mushak 6.2 (Sales Register), or any other Mushak form.

Technological Specialization

Team iBOS has its own tech stack to deliver you the finest outcome as per your expectations.

Totally Balanced Budget Control

We believe in saving you from both hassles and unnecessary excessive costs while choosing software

Post-Implementation Support

You’ll have the best after-sales support service from the finest team of experts after implementing the software

Efficient & Faster Communication

We will keep you informed of every development and make it easier than ever to contact us and get the solution

VAT Reports you will get

Mushak 4.3

Input-output Coefficient

Mushak 6.1

Purchase Register

Mushak 6.2

Sales Register

Mushak 6.3

VAT Sales Challan

Mushak 6.4

Contract Manufacturing

Mushak 6.5

Stock Transfer

Mushak 6.6

VAT at source deduction certificate

Mushak 6.7

Credit Note

Mushak 6.8

Debit Note

Mushak 6.9

Turnover Challan

Mushak 6.10

Purchase & Sales invoice more than 2 Lac

Mushak 9.1

Return Submission


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Fix every organizational operation problem to maximize smooth supervision over your business and push it to a better level than ever!

For Every Business

Frequently Asked Questions

Sure! A team of our expert engineers is going to make sure that Prime VAT has been installed properly as your VAT Management Software and is functioning properly as per your requirements.

No, the price excludes VAT and Tax.

Indeed, it is, as we have made sure of maximum security by following every single security measure while building the software.

As a user, you’ll get all the required support regarding the software as long as you’re using the software.

Yes, it is. No matter which industry you belong to, if you’re maintaining your VAT operation through a manual system, it can turn into a hazardous process. So, it’s better to eliminate that hassle with Prime VAT.

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