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Why the Best HR Software In Bangladesh Needs To Be User-Friendly For Employees?

Best HR Software in Bangladesh

While the HR team makes the final choice on which one of the best HR software in Bangladesh to implement, everyone from entry-level workers to upper-level executives will have access to and make use of the system. The question is, how simple, quick, and convenient is it to utilize your HR system? Find out what we mean by “user-friendliness” and why it’s so essential in the sections that follow.

Change is inevitable when implementing new HR software in Bangladesh or upgrading an existing system. The program is used by all workers to make changes to their profile information, log their work hours, and request time off. Managers need to use the program to check in on employee applications, give consistent comments, and track performance. Employee Self Service is a catchall term for all of these features and many more.

The User-Friendliness of HR Software in Bangladesh is Often Neglected

Getting rid of paper processes or installing new computer software does not necessarily result in better outcomes for end users. People working in HR, as well as all workers, need to be able to easily use HR software.

Employees might prefer the old Excel spreadsheets or paper-based method back if they find the new attendance tracking system, which may include a digital time clock, to be excessively difficult and inconvenient.

Increased productivity and decreased HR duties are the primary justifications for adopting HR software (even if it’s SaaS-based), with Employee Self Service serving as the primary mechanism by which this is achieved. However, it will not be possible to accomplish these objectives if the software is overly complex. An essential criterion that should never be disregarded is, therefore, user-friendliness for all users.

HR software in Bangladesh

What Does It Mean to be User-Friendly?

The scope of this phrase extends far beyond the visual user interface to cover things like:

  • The software you use every day should be intuitive and not need any special skills from its users.
  • Every feature, resource, and service must be easily discoverable by users, and they must have quick and simple access to the fundamentals.
  • All devices must be supported by the software, and it must be simple to use.
  • The truth is – Software is considered to be user-friendly if, and only if, its end users find it pleasant to employ.

Why Is It a Must for the Best HR Software in Bangladesh to Be User-Friendly for All Employees?

Though having access to information and tools 24/7 via the internet has its conveniences, it may also lead to stress and overwork. Employees are being urged to take on more administrative responsibilities outside of their regular duties and to be reachable at all hours of the day and night. Employees will have to put in extra effort at first if they choose Employee Self Service. This is why it’s crucial to avoid making matters more challenging by employing cumbersome, ineffective computer programs.

The heavy paperwork connected with managing a team or a department is proving particularly challenging for managers. According to Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends Study, the majority of managers feel unsupported by their organization when it comes to fulfilling deadlines and maintaining information security.

It’s a Productivity Booster

Proving the myths wrong, with HR software that is easy to use, you can be confident that your staff will be able to focus on their real work while still completing the essential administrative responsibilities. Your software’s ROI (profit you generate from using the program) will improve significantly if it is easy for your staff to use. An IBM research found that spending one euro on improving software’s “ease of use” may provide ten times that amount of return.

Every day, managers have to assess data, keep track of employees’ records, and approve applications or reports. Thus, even minute gains in efficiency add up over time to have a significant impact on output.

It Boosts Appreciation for the Business and Employee Happiness

Human resources software that is simple to use communicates to workers that you respect their time on the job and are committed to helping them do their jobs well. People in the workforce, particularly members of Generation Z, are no longer willing to put up with business software that is both difficult to use and visually unappealing. Employees have high expectations that the software they use at work will be as user-friendly as the apps on their own devices. Therefore, if you want to be seen as an innovative employer who is interested in attracting young, technologically savvy people, having up-to-date, user-friendly HR software is equally crucial.

Unfriendly Human Resources Software and Its Repercussions

It’s obvious that complicated, ineffective software adds stress and annoyance to your staff’s already busy lives, resulting in less work getting done. If your staff is having trouble or is upset by the HR software, they may refuse to use it or may utilize it as little as possible.

Employees may be made to use a time-tracking app if necessary, but the success of other applications, such as those used to store knowledge or keep performance reports current, relies on the buy-in of users, especially management. In the event that human resources staff continue to save data in disparate locations (e.g., paper files and personal computers), they will have to manually compile the data at a later date.

The best HR software in Bangladesh gives workers unrestricted access to information, including their most recent pay stubs, accrued vacation time, and ratings of their performance from managers. They will continue to contact HR if they have to wait longer to get an answer by searching the program. For this company, Employee Self Service may actually increase the HR department’s job burden by generating more assistance requests related to the product itself.

By the way, in case you’re planning to get your next HR software, make sure that you’re asking yourself these questions in the first place.

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