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Why Customizing ERP Software in Bangladesh Is So Expensive?

ERP Software in Bangladesh

The harsh reality is that modifying your ERP software in Bangladesh will require financial resources. Customization can provide you with the precise capabilities you require if you have a sizable amount of money and a considerable amount of time. However, this may increase your costs because it will require more work and time from your ERP supplier. You should also anticipate higher costs during the lifetime of the program since you will likely need assistance with the customizations should you ever need to update or upgrade your ERP software in the future.

ERP software tailored to a certain industry has likely previously been developed by professionals in that field, meaning it includes all the functionalities you require without additional programming. Because of this, it’s a more cost-effective option because you won’t need to invest as much money in customizations and will instead benefit from more capabilities out of the gate.

There is an ERP system available nowadays for any kind of organization, thanks to the proliferation of specialized vendors in the market. During your search for an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, taking the time to investigate several vendors will help you locate the service that best meets your needs.

Factors That Influence the Price of ERP Software in Bangladesh

An enterprise resource planning system (ERP) is a comprehensive solution that may have many components. These components, known as modules, are responsible for implementing the system’s many functions. For this reason, it is impossible to provide a precise estimate of how much an ERP system will ultimately cost. Nonetheless, we can break down the development and deployment process into its constituent elements, allowing us to generate more precise estimates:


There is one thing to keep in mind about the expense of deploying an ERP system on your company’s servers. Each ERP system is a sophisticated piece of technology. Due care must be taken during the installation and configuration of such a system; hence the assistance of experts is required. In order to successfully launch the ERP system, it is likely that your current servers will require an upgrade or replacement. These expenditures are part of the overall ERP system pricing and must be budgeted for.

Getting your staff to quickly embrace and use a new ERP system is probably not a simple task. That’s why it’s possible your employees will need extra instruction on how to operate the new system. Training is another common service provided by ERP providers upon request. However, this usually comes with a set hourly pricing that adds to the final tab.

Redesigning Business Processes

Upgrading to a sophisticated ERP system necessitates rethinking many internal procedures, which could drive up the total cost of implementation. An ERP system will automate many of the routine, day-to-day processes that are currently performed manually, which will improve both accuracy and efficiency. Due to the time and effort required, your organization will likely need to make adjustments to its business procedures to better align with those of the software.


Maintaining your ERP system will incur expenditures that must be accounted for. Expenditures in the information technology department for maintaining the system’s integrity (including its hardware, network, and human resources) are included here.


The expense of maintaining an up-to-date ERP system could rise over time. If not, it will lose value and relevance over time. You need to think about the frequency of ERP system upgrades and the associated costs. Remember that every change to an application’s version may have an effect on running processes or necessitate the purchase of new hardware or software.


There may undoubtedly be some hiccups as your team uses the ERP system. Because of this, you need to make sure your software provider offers technical support to help you fix these issues. Get in touch with the creator of the program to find out if tech assistance is included in the licensing fee or if it is an extra charge.

When seeking the assistance of a software development firm, it is customary to formalize the parameters of your cooperation in a development agreement. The anticipated total cost of all planned features is a part of such an agreement. Standard components of an ERP system that can be built as modules are as follows:

  • – Customer Relationship Management
  • – Sales and Distribution
  • – Human Resource Management
  • – Financial Module
  • – Project Management
  • – Supply Chain Management

The price of a system increases as more features and components are added to it. However, not every business needs each and every one of them.

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