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iBOS Enterprise(ERP)

A Perfect ERP Software in Bangladesh to Bring Your Entire Business Under A Single Umbrella

iBOS Enterprise, the finest Cloud-based ERP Software in Bangladesh, is made to wipe out your worries about collecting, storing, managing, and interpreting data of your business once and for all. There's not even a single part of your business you can't handle with its efficient modules, which input all the data in its cloud-based storage. 

It can't only manage your procurement but also can take care of your human resource, account, and finance. Besides, with it, you'll never lose your grip over Internal Control, Sales Management, and Inventory. The same goes for Manufacturing, Performance Management, and Asset Management. 

Cloud Based ERP Software in Bangladesh
Cloud Based ERP Software in Bangladesh

Why iBOS Enterprise?

Easy Migration

It’s all about your preferences about what you want to work with. Migration isn’t as difficult as it sounds. With iBOS, you have the freedom to upload your own data, or we can always help you do it.

Data Security

There are options to allow many employees to assist in inventory management with limited user access control. In this ERP, the employees can view and manage recorded data to do other tasks without compromising the company's data security.

User-Friendly Interface

This ERP software of ours has a user-friendly interface which makes it super easy to operate, and you’ll get loads of information within seconds, no matter which part of the operation you want to check out. The best part is no prior technical skill is required.

Built for Businesses of Any Size

Regardless of your business size, this ERP software of ours is the first and last solution you will ever need. In a simple way, iBOS Enterprise as an All-in-All ERP Software has something to offer for every size of business.

What Makes iBOS Enterprise A Unique Business Solution?

Higher Configurability

Dynamic Report Analysis

Business Flow Tracking

Flawless Accounting Process

Simplest & Intuitive Interface

Accurate Performance Measurement

OAuth2 Security

Highly-Secured Indentity Server

Artificial Intelligence

Human Interaction Minimizer

Problems iBOS Enterprise Fixes

1. Procurement Management

2. Accounting & Finance

3. Sales Management

4. Inventory Management

5. Asset Management

Industries iBOS Enterprise Covers







Sales & Distribution

Sales & Distribution

Export & Import


Export & Import






Apparels & Fashion

Apparels & Fashion

The Modules of iBOS Enterprise


Accounting & Finance




Human Resource





Point of Sales


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Fix every organizational operation problem to maximize smooth supervision over your business and push it to a better level than ever!

For Every Business

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve got two pricing models. The first one is the One-off Cost and the second one is Monthly Subscription-based.

It’s operable on both smartphones and PC.

Yes, we have a dedicated support team to provide top-notch after-sales service.

Yes, we are, as our server is hosted in Microsoft Azure which is well-known for a breach-proof security system.

Yes, our team of experts will assist you in this regard and will get you all the training you need.

Yes, we are, as our server is hosted in Microsoft Azure which is well-known for a breach-proof security system.

Yes, you’ll be getting our service as long as you’re using the solution.

Yes, you can easily exchange and return products in this software.


You need to register in order to get a username and password for the demo. You’ll be getting a demo link within a short time after registration.

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