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bdCalling IT Ltd. Signed Agreement for PeopleDesk

iBOS Limited is delighted to announce the new client onboarding, bdCalling IT Ltd. The reputed global IT service provider in Bangladesh has agreed to choose our HR and payroll solution to simplify its people and culture management. The outcome of this decision will have far-reaching consequences for both iBOS Limited and bdCalling IT.

The purpose of choosing our HR management software is to ensure efficient office management as it is necessary to enhance the culture of any workplace. bdCalling has stepped into the human resources automation realm and PeopleDesk is going to be their partner as the leading HR software in Bangladesh. Both organizations are confident that this strategic partnership will benefit their companies and set new benchmarks for excellence in HR management.   

bdCalling Signing

Agreement Signing Ceremony  

The agreement signing ceremony was held at bdCalling’s head office at Banasree, Rampura, Dhaka on March 27, 2024. Honorable Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of bdCalling, Muhammad Monir Hossain and CEO of iBOS Md. Jayed Bin Rashid signed the agreement from respective organizations.

Senior officials of bdCalling such as Saruar Zahan, General Manager, SCM and Captain Md. Nahid Hassan (Retd.) AGM, HR & Admin were present to witness the signingOn behalf of iBOS Limited Md. Al Amin, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Abu Said Sarker, Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Khan Saifullah AL Faysal, Senior Manager of Business Development, were present during the ceremony.

It was a overwhelming event full of mutual admiration expressed through exchange of words between the attendees. Our new clients welcomed us at their office on this hot summer day of Ramadan and an Iftar Mahfil event took place on the same occasion to celebrate the starting of a new partnership.

Who are bdCalling and what do they do?

bdCalling logo

bdCalling is one of the leading IT service provider in Bangladesh that relies on outsourcing digital services to businesses across the world. Their team consists of talented creative designers, software developers, and other smart service providers. As per their website, their core strength lies in the creative abilities that they combine with technical expertise very deftly.

In this era of smart business, which is constantly changing, every organization seek to save expenses and effort by employing other expert to take care of various IT services. The objective is to focus on core business operation while professionals take care of this activities without any interruption. This is where IT service provider companies like bdCalling play a very strong role. As they stay one step ahead of the competition by working with global companies, they can accommodate a large group of resources at the office premise.   

Over the time, bdCalling has become a leading IT service provider in Bangladesh. At present, they have more than 400+ employees who are consistently working to serve their clients. According to their website, the company has successfully completed over 4000 projects since 2013. Their portfolio includes services such as web design, app development, creative design, business support, and digital marketing.

Why bdCalling chose our HR and Payroll solution?

Our newly signed client will integrate PeopleDesk into its human resource infrastructure as part of the partnership, enabling seamless communication, efficient workflow management, and enhanced analytics. They put their trust on our solution due to various reasons which comprises our core values, the portfolio we have and the commitments we made to them.

PeopleDesk, is a leading HRIS solution developed by iBOS from the house of AKIJ. Our mother business group is nationally recognized for ensuring the best quality of products and services to customers under all circumstances. We have also set the same ideology at our heart to provide technological excellence with quality support. This is the key reason for our clients to sign up for our HR management software.

After carefully reviewing and checking out the technical and operational benefits of our HR and payroll solution, our clients opted to it. It has also audited the market reputation of our solution from various organizations who are already using our solution. As iBOS Limited frequently communicates with its’ clients and tries to collect their feedback, it is no secret that some of them endorsed our HR management software as the best solution available in this category.

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Top 10 HR Software in Bangladesh A Comprehensive List

Top 10 HR and Payroll Software in Bangladesh

Having trouble keeping up with your rapidly expanding staff in Bangladesh? Overwhelmed by spreadsheets and paperwork? Never fear; this blog will serve as your reliable machete. The below article discusses the top 10 HR software in Bangladesh available at your disposal for reducing your pain.

So, settle in with a mug of tea (or coffee), make yourself at home, and we’ll show you the top HR solutions in Bangladesh that can make you a champion!

What is HR Software?

Businesses are always searching for solutions to improve efficiency, empower their employees, and simplify processes in this competitive market. Efficient HR processes are crucial for the rising workforce of fast-paced growth. Thus, the innovation and implementation of HR software in Bangladesh has become very common which is the exciting new frontier to solve all your problems.

There is an increasing demand for top HR software in Bangladesh as the manual process takes a lot of time and effort to manage a huge workforce. Some important reasons why HR software in Bangladesh is a necessity are as follows.

Why HR Software in Bangladesh is Turning into a ‘Must Have’?

Efficient Data Management

HR software in Bangladesh helps you keep track of and organize employee data, attendance records, performance reviews, and other important information. This is especially important for businesses with many employees to keep accurate data that is easy to find.

Regulatory Compliance

Bangladesh has specific rules and labor laws companies must follow. By handling tasks related to compensation, benefits, and other compliances, HR software can help you maintain transparency.

Streamlined Payroll Processing

By automating payroll calculation, deduction, tax adjustment, and disbursement with integration with accounts and ERP module, HR software makes payments easier and makes sure that the work is done correctly and quickly. Different tax rules and employee benefit policies can also be implemented in local HR software to get accurate calculations.

Effective Time and Attendance Tracking

HR software keeps good records of workers’ office hours and attendance. This helps businesses maintain productivity and find places where they can improve. This is especially helpful in corporates where working hours are fixed or roster-based.

Enhanced Performance Management

Setting goals, doing reviews, and giving comments are all easier to do with HR software in Bangladesh. It helps companies with performance management make sure that employee success is in line with their goals and encourages an attitude to improve.

Efficient Recruitment and Onboarding

It’s important for any business to find and get hold of talented people. Using the recruitment module of the top HR software in Bangladesh can make the whole hiring process easier, from posting job openings to training new workers. This can boost total productivity and make the working environment better for everyone.

Employee Engagement

The top HR solutions in Bangladesh come with an employee self-service portal. This feature enables employees to take care of their administrative tasks, like updating personal information, checking leave balances, and payslips, and accessing notices and announcements. This makes HR teams’ tasks easier, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

HR software in Bangladesh generates useful analytics and insights that can help businesses make smart decisions. For example: performance reports and reviews help employers understand the leadership capabilities and whom they should promote to much senior role.

Cost Savings 

Businesses can save time and resources by handling HR tasks using software. It is especially helpful for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Bangladesh, where making the best use of resources is key to growth and survival.

It might feel like navigating a jungle trying to find the top HR solution in Bangladesh from all the available possibilities. Let us sort through the options for you and give you our recommendations of the top 10 HR software in Bangladesh, along with details about each one’s features, capabilities, and advantages.

Top 10 HR Software in Bangladesh – in 2024

1. PeopleDesk

HR and Payroll Management Software in Bangladesh

PeopleDesk is number 1 on the list of top 10 HR software in Bangladesh. Developed by iBOS Limited, it aims to reduce all human resources pain and streamline processes for businesses. This is the all-in-one HR and Payroll solution covering all aspects of HR, from hiring and onboarding to payroll and separation. The solution helps enterprises to save time and money by simplifying their tasks.

What makes PeopleDesk stand out from the others is the recruiting tools, that can manage job openings, application monitoring, and interview scheduling. It makes it easier to find and hire the best candidates. In addition, all features of the top HR solution in Bangladesh are available in this software.

The solution also has features that track employee activity, which may help find improvement opportunities and streamline processes by providing insights into staff activity levels. An easy-to-use mobile app is another perk of PeopleDesk; it lets customers take care of HR duties wherever they are, which increases accessibility and convenience.

PeopleDesk also provides automatic payroll processing, analytical reporting, and complex roster management. Both productivity and employee engagement are priorities for PeopleDesk. Therefore, innovations like mobile access and self-service choice features were developed to enhance employee experience and efficiency.

PeopleDesk is a very user-friendly and affordable HR management software aimed at businesses of medium and large sizes. When looking for human resources software, it’s crucial to consider both your specific requirements and the solutions available on the market. You shouldn’t take this as a recommendation of PeopleDesk but as an understanding of its’ capabilities.

Before making a final selection, businesses should undertake comprehensive research and compare various solutions. However, the below features exactly make PeopleDesk the #1 HR software in Bangladesh.

  • Customize Application Forms
  • Instant Feedback System
  • Application Frequency Tracking
  • Detailed Employee Information
  • User Access Control
  • Dynamic Dashboard
  • Document Approval System
  • Leave Application and Approval System
  • Supervisor Selection System
  • Digital Notice Board
  • Roaster Duty Management
  • Shift Management
  • Convenient Attendance System 
  • Remote attendance system
  • Monthly Attendance Report
  • Overtime Calculation and Report
  • Dedicated Mobile App (Android & iOS)
  • Self-Service System
  • Payroll Management
  • Loan Management System
  • Income Tax Management 
  • Probation Management Functions 
  • Online Pay Slips
  • Provident Fund and Gratuity
  • Cost to Company Report
  • Salary Comparative Analysis
  • Multi-Layer Approval System
  • Asset Management
  • Rewards & Punishment

2. Apployee


Apploye, is a popular HR software in Bangladesh made for local businesses to improve the way HR management is done. Its’ easy-to-use interface and tools are designed to make organizations more efficient. The solution has time tracking, employee monitoring, task management, project tracking, attendance monitoring, and reporting features to reduce HR efforts.

These features help HR departments make good work schedules by looking at time-tracking data, streamlining workflows and task management, finding patterns in employee behavior through collected data, and increasing efficiency by dealing with problems like time theft and unapproved absences.

It is important to keep in mind that Apploye’s advanced employee tracking features, like logging keystrokes and taking screenshots, should only be used in ways that are legal in your area and that respect employees’ right to privacy.Read More »Top 10 HR and Payroll Software in Bangladesh

Software companies in Bangladesh

Top 17 Misunderstood Facts About Software Companies in Bangladesh

Software company in Bangladesh have been making waves, but they also have to deal with a lot of misunderstandings, since the blooming of the industry. These false beliefs, like saying that they are only local or not having enough trained professionals, give a skewed picture. This article goes into more detail and busts 17 of the most popular myths about software companies in Bangladesh.

Hold on tight, because we’re about to show you the full potential of this exciting and quickly rising sector, with its global reach, wide range of skills, and dedication to new ideas and doing things the right way. Let’s change the story, one fact at a time!

Best Software Company in Bangladesh

Misunderstood Facts About Software Companies in Bangladesh – Top 17

Bangladesh’s software business is growing very quickly, which makes it an important part of the country’s economy. But there are a lot of false ideas about what these companies do and how they work. These are 17 things that people often get wrong about software companies in Bangladesh

They Focus on Domestic Markets Only

A very common misconception about software companies in Bangladesh is that they are focused on the domestic market only. As a result, most local businesses tend to believe they do not offer global-scale solution capabilities – which in fact is untrue.

Despite what some people think, top software companies in Bangladesh don’t just work in their own country. A lot of them have become global businesses that serve customers in the US, Europe, and Australia. This is more than just giving cheap solutions; it shows that they can provide high-quality goods and services around the world, competing well in the global market. A large number of companies have already shifted towards international marketing and developing solutions on the level of Silicon Valley IT companies.

They Are All About Low-Cost Solutions

When we consider businesses in Bangladesh and what they offer, the first thing that comes to our mind is cost-effectiveness. Ideally, Bangladesh has built a reputation across the globe for being a low-cost alternative to some first-world business organizations. On the contrary, the focus was moved a few years ago. The emphasis on Bangladeshi software businesses has shifted from their initial cost-effectiveness recognition.

At present the top software companies in Bangladesh no longer entertain the cheap solution buzzwords. Creating long-term customer connections, providing new ideas, and delivering high-quality work are now their top priorities. With this change, they are establishing themselves as more than just an affordable alternative; they are establishing themselves as trustworthy partners that can provide fresh ideas that measure up to global benchmarks.

They Don’t Have Skilled Professionals

When you look more closely, the idea that Bangladesh’s IT industry lacks talent falls apart. Universities offer strong computer science programs that serve as a foundation, and specialized training institutes fill in the gaps with skills that are specific to business. Bangladeshi professionals also stay ahead of the curve thanks to a culture of constant learning. This lets software companies put together teams of highly skilled people who can compete on a global level.

They Focus Mainly on Web Development

Bangladeshi software companies are doing more than just making websites, though web creation is still one of their main skills. They now have a lot of different skills, such as making mobile apps for today’s users, making custom enterprise software for businesses with complicated needs, and using cloud computing to handle data more efficiently.

Some businesses even work with artificial intelligence to show they are dedicated to new ideas and staying on the cutting edge of technology. Because of this, they are well-rounded players in the tech world and can meet the needs of a wide range of clients.

They Run in an Unregulated Environment

Some people might think that Bangladeshi software companies work like the Wild West, with few rules. But the truth is quite different. For businesses to grow, the government enforces rules that make things more clear, which helps companies and customers trust each other. These rules also encourage investment, bringing in money from both inside and outside the country to help the business grow.

They also guarantee intellectual property rights, which keeps software companies’ new ideas safe and encourages them to spend money on research and development. The overall success of the Bangladeshi software industry is due in large part to these steps, which make the business environment stable and helpful for companies to run and grow.

All of Them Are Startups

People often think that all software companies in Bangladesh are nothing but startups, but this is not true. The country has a healthy startup environment, but there are many other types of businesses as well. There are both well-known companies with world reach and exciting new businesses that are just starting out. This variety shows that the business is mature and has room to grow, providing a wider range of skills and knowledge to meet the needs of different clients. 

All Are Based in Dhaka

Even though Dhaka is a major hub for software companies in Bangladesh, the industry is much bigger than the city. Businesses are now thriving in many cities across the country, making them more spread out geographically. This division not only increases the number of qualified people but also helps different parts of Bangladesh’s economy grow, giving a fuller picture of the industry’s reach and influence.

They’re Dependent on Outsourcing

It is not true that all Bangladeshi software companies do is outsource their work. Outsourcing is a big part of the business world, but the industry has grown and now has a strong home market. A lot of businesses make software for local businesses and government bodies, which helps the country’s digital infrastructure grow. 

Also, Bangladeshi companies are making and releasing their own software goods more and more, showing that they can do more than just complete projects that are outsourced. This wide range of companies gives a fuller picture of the thriving Bangladeshi software business.

Career, Best Software Company in Bangladesh

They Are Not Employee Friendly

One of the misconceptions about Bangladesh software companies is that, they are not employee friendly at all. There might be some complaints regarding IT companies in Bangladesh but there is no way we can generalize this and say something like this about the best software company in Bangladesh.

Over the years, Bangladesh has built a reputation for developing solutions for the global market. Thus, they all had to be complaint with international culture and a large number of companies have successfully made it happen. Noteworthy names are Brainstation-23, iBOS Limited, Analyzen, Vivasoft Limited, Ontech Solutions, Ollyo, Enosis Solutions, etc.

They Rely on Freelance Workers

As one of the largest remittance sources in Bangladesh is the income of freelance workers, it is often understood that IT companies in Bangladesh also rely on freelance workers to execute their projects. However, this is a very wrong understanding of the fact which is actually untrue.

Bangladeshi software companies largely depend on their own software developers, project managers, product managers, SQA engineers, and DevOps engineers. This is evident in the education system as Bangladeshi education institutes have also emphasized technology-based subjects and practical learning. At present, a large portion of local graduates are working in the best software company in Bangladesh and contributing to the national GDP.

They Miss Strong Leadership

It’s too broad to say that all Bangladeshi software companies don’t have good leadership. There are many companies in the business that are run by people with impressive credentials and experience. These leaders have guided their businesses to success in both domestic and foreign markets, making deals with big players around the world to work together.

They are involved in industry forums, where they share their knowledge and help new ideas come up. There may be companies in different stages of growth with different leadership styles, but it’s not fair to write off the whole business with one broad statement.

They Are Not Innovative Enough

It is clearly not true that Bangladeshi software companies don’t come up with new ideas. Bangladeshi developers regularly rank highly on sites like GitHub, which shows that they are using new technologies. 

Also, businesses are coming up with new ways to solve problems in many areas. In fact, Bangladeshi software companies are showing off their creativity and technical skills more and more, whether they are making software for their own use or for the world market.

They Can Not Make a Profit

While many conventional businesses fail in Bangladesh on a very regular basis and often cannot turn their gross loss into profit, software companies in Bangladesh are vastly exceptional. Many people believe Bangladeshi software companies fail to make a profit due to high expenditure, low turnover, and many other factors. Although a handful of them have truly failed due to these reasons, that is not the case for all of them.

Top software companies in Bangladesh are turning all odds, overcoming the high operational expenditure, and eventually making profits. This has become possible due to their innovative solutions being used globally by millions of users. On top of that, some Bangladeshi software companies have also enrolled in the stock market to raise more investment. This resulted in them, making up the losses and eventually making a profit on the business.

Final Words

People in Bangladesh have wrong ideas about what the software business can do because it is growing so quickly. The goal of this blog was to bust these myths by showing how the industry is global, has a wide range of skills, and is dedicated to new ideas.Read More »Top 17 Misunderstood Facts About Software Companies in Bangladesh

Best Attendance Management Software in 2024

Best Attendance Management Software – A Tool to Make Business Better

Today’s society necessitates the use of digital technology for all manual tasks. Every activity, from product packing to banking, involves the use of digital technology to make life easier and increase productivity. As a result, most reputable Bangladeshi businesses and enterprises have already started to manage their human resource departments online resulting in the implementation of attendance management software. And the rest of the companies are following in their footsteps in terms of creating technology and HR software. 

The question now is, why are so many offices and businesses utilizing attendance management software? The answer is straightforward. An HR professional must do a variety of complicated manual tasks including maintaining attendance and leave, calculating payroll, and evaluating the performances of the employees. It is regarded as the most troublesome job role that often leads to human error. To avoid such mistakes, businesses tend to depend on cloud-based solutions.

Attendance management software records the attendance of employees, and often processes salary calculations based on the attendance report with precision, making HR tasks much simpler. There are several benefits that an attendance management software may provide to any business. Today, we’ll go over the top 10 advantages of the best attendance management software for businesses. We hope these ideas will inspire the actions of various enterprises.

What Does Attendance Management Software Do?

  • Attendance management software simplifies attendance tracking with a biometric attendance system.

  • It may automate the payroll process and reduce potential errors in the calculation.

  • It activates Self-service Options for employees.

  • It prevents the HR professional from keeping track of data manually.

  • The most advanced ones also keep track of leaves, movements, etc.

These are the basic features of the best attendance management software that most businesses use. On top of that, the advanced solutions also support features like loan management, roster management, organizational hierarchy approval management, etc. There are many benefits of using automated HRM solutions that businesses may consider before start using one. Here is a comprehensive list discussed below.

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