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bdCalling IT Ltd. Signed Agreement for PeopleDesk

HR and Payroll Solution

iBOS Limited is delighted to announce the new client onboarding, bdCalling IT Ltd. The reputed global IT service provider in Bangladesh has agreed to choose our HR and payroll solution to simplify its people and culture management. The outcome of this decision will have far-reaching consequences for both iBOS Limited and bdCalling IT.

The purpose of choosing our HR management software is to ensure efficient office management as it is necessary to enhance the culture of any workplace. bdCalling has stepped into the human resources automation realm and PeopleDesk is going to be their partner as the leading HR software in Bangladesh. Both organizations are confident that this strategic partnership will benefit their companies and set new benchmarks for excellence in HR management.   

bdCalling Signing

Agreement Signing Ceremony  

The agreement signing ceremony was held at bdCalling’s head office at Banasree, Rampura, Dhaka on March 27, 2024. Honorable Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of bdCalling, Muhammad Monir Hossain and CEO of iBOS Md. Jayed Bin Rashid signed the agreement from respective organizations.

Senior officials of bdCalling such as Saruar Zahan, General Manager, SCM and Captain Md. Nahid Hassan (Retd.) AGM, HR & Admin were present to witness the signingOn behalf of iBOS Limited Md. Al Amin, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Abu Said Sarker, Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Khan Saifullah AL Faysal, Senior Manager of Business Development, were present during the ceremony.

It was a overwhelming event full of mutual admiration expressed through exchange of words between the attendees. Our new clients welcomed us at their office on this hot summer day of Ramadan and an Iftar Mahfil event took place on the same occasion to celebrate the starting of a new partnership.

Who are bdCalling and what do they do?

bdCalling logo

bdCalling is one of the leading IT service provider in Bangladesh that relies on outsourcing digital services to businesses across the world. Their team consists of talented creative designers, software developers, and other smart service providers. As per their website, their core strength lies in the creative abilities that they combine with technical expertise very deftly.

In this era of smart business, which is constantly changing, every organization seek to save expenses and effort by employing other expert to take care of various IT services. The objective is to focus on core business operation while professionals take care of this activities without any interruption. This is where IT service provider companies like bdCalling play a very strong role. As they stay one step ahead of the competition by working with global companies, they can accommodate a large group of resources at the office premise.   

Over the time, bdCalling has become a leading IT service provider in Bangladesh. At present, they have more than 400+ employees who are consistently working to serve their clients. According to their website, the company has successfully completed over 4000 projects since 2013. Their portfolio includes services such as web design, app development, creative design, business support, and digital marketing.

Why bdCalling chose our HR and Payroll solution?

Our newly signed client will integrate PeopleDesk into its human resource infrastructure as part of the partnership, enabling seamless communication, efficient workflow management, and enhanced analytics. They put their trust on our solution due to various reasons which comprises our core values, the portfolio we have and the commitments we made to them.

PeopleDesk, is a leading HRIS solution developed by iBOS from the house of AKIJ. Our mother business group is nationally recognized for ensuring the best quality of products and services to customers under all circumstances. We have also set the same ideology at our heart to provide technological excellence with quality support. This is the key reason for our clients to sign up for our HR management software.

After carefully reviewing and checking out the technical and operational benefits of our HR and payroll solution, our clients opted to it. It has also audited the market reputation of our solution from various organizations who are already using our solution. As iBOS Limited frequently communicates with its’ clients and tries to collect their feedback, it is no secret that some of them endorsed our HR management software as the best solution available in this category.

Another significant reason to pick PeopleDesk over other HR software in Bangladesh is our commitment to provide with the best services. Starting from security for which we use the world class Microsoft Azure server and the latest technology stacks, we created a highly customizable solution that is not only easy-to-use but also flexible and scalable.

What Our Client Expects from Our Solution?

PeopleDesk will allow our newly onboarded client to commit their resources more efficiently in producing the best output for the organization. As they have a vast global client base who prefer to work on different international time zones, it is projected that they will also utilize the roster management feature to manage the operation efficiently.

In addition, the payroll calculation automation should strengthen their employee engagement and satisfaction score given the fact that regular disbursement of compensations are one of the core perks one employee can avail.

HR Clients

The Clients we serve

Our long list of happy customers from industries like manufacturing, trading, and service businesses, proves that our HR and payroll solution delivers its intended purpose. By providing a control over entire workforce management, our solution contribute to improving efficiencies. This is a key factor of satisfaction that brings us more clients through word of mouth reputation. 

Matador Group, Ad-Din Hospital, DISA, Khaas Food, Justice & Care, BLAST, Standard Finis Oil Company, 10 Minute School and iFarmer are well-known businesses and non-profit organizations that are utilizing PeopleDesk to manage their human resources operation. We are highly excited to add bdCalling to the list as a highly satisfied user of our HR management software.   

Looking For a Perfect HR and Payroll solution For Your Company?

Like many reputed businesses, are you planning to adapt your human resources management in a cloud-based solution? We recommend you to take a look at the country’s most advanced HR and payroll solution. Schedule a free demo of our product anytime online or over a voice call +88 01329731801 for your schedule booking during office hours.

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