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Top 10 HR and Payroll Software in Bangladesh

Top 10 HR Software in Bangladesh A Comprehensive List

Having trouble keeping up with your rapidly expanding staff in Bangladesh? Overwhelmed by spreadsheets and paperwork? Never fear; this blog will serve as your reliable machete. The below article discusses the top 10 HR software in Bangladesh available at your disposal for reducing your pain.

So, settle in with a mug of tea (or coffee), make yourself at home, and we’ll show you the top HR solutions in Bangladesh that can make you a champion!

What is HR Software?

Businesses are always searching for solutions to improve efficiency, empower their employees, and simplify processes in this competitive market. Efficient HR processes are crucial for the rising workforce of fast-paced growth. Thus, the innovation and implementation of HR software in Bangladesh has become very common which is the exciting new frontier to solve all your problems.

There is an increasing demand for top HR software in Bangladesh as the manual process takes a lot of time and effort to manage a huge workforce. Some important reasons why HR software in Bangladesh is a necessity are as follows.

Why HR Software in Bangladesh is Turning into a ‘Must Have’?

Efficient Data Management

HR software in Bangladesh helps you keep track of and organize employee data, attendance records, performance reviews, and other important information. This is especially important for businesses with many employees to keep accurate data that is easy to find.

Regulatory Compliance

Bangladesh has specific rules and labor laws companies must follow. By handling tasks related to compensation, benefits, and other compliances, HR software can help you maintain transparency.

Streamlined Payroll Processing

By automating payroll calculation, deduction, tax adjustment, and disbursement with integration with accounts and ERP module, HR software makes payments easier and makes sure that the work is done correctly and quickly. Different tax rules and employee benefit policies can also be implemented in local HR software to get accurate calculations.

Effective Time and Attendance Tracking

HR software keeps good records of workers’ office hours and attendance. This helps businesses maintain productivity and find places where they can improve. This is especially helpful in corporates where working hours are fixed or roster-based.

Enhanced Performance Management

Setting goals, doing reviews, and giving comments are all easier to do with HR software in Bangladesh. It helps companies with performance management make sure that employee success is in line with their goals and encourages an attitude to improve.

Efficient Recruitment and Onboarding

It’s important for any business to find and get hold of talented people. Using the recruitment module of the top HR software in Bangladesh can make the whole hiring process easier, from posting job openings to training new workers. This can boost total productivity and make the working environment better for everyone.

Employee Engagement

The top HR solutions in Bangladesh come with an employee self-service portal. This feature enables employees to take care of their administrative tasks, like updating personal information, checking leave balances, and payslips, and accessing notices and announcements. This makes HR teams’ tasks easier, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

HR software in Bangladesh generates useful analytics and insights that can help businesses make smart decisions. For example: performance reports and reviews help employers understand the leadership capabilities and whom they should promote to much senior role.

Cost Savings 

Businesses can save time and resources by handling HR tasks using software. It is especially helpful for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Bangladesh, where making the best use of resources is key to growth and survival.

It might feel like navigating a jungle trying to find the top HR solution in Bangladesh from all the available possibilities. Let us sort through the options for you and give you our recommendations of the top 10 HR software in Bangladesh, along with details about each one’s features, capabilities, and advantages.

Top 10 HR Software in Bangladesh – in 2024

1. PeopleDesk

HR and Payroll Management Software in Bangladesh

PeopleDesk is number 1 on the list of top 10 HR software in Bangladesh. Developed by iBOS Limited, it aims to reduce all human resources pain and streamline processes for businesses. This is the all-in-one HR and Payroll solution covering all aspects of HR, from hiring and onboarding to payroll and separation. The solution helps enterprises to save time and money by simplifying their tasks.

What makes PeopleDesk stand out from the others is the recruiting tools, that can manage job openings, application monitoring, and interview scheduling. It makes it easier to find and hire the best candidates. In addition, all features of the top HR solution in Bangladesh are available in this software.

The solution also has features that track employee activity, which may help find improvement opportunities and streamline processes by providing insights into staff activity levels. An easy-to-use mobile app is another perk of PeopleDesk; it lets customers take care of HR duties wherever they are, which increases accessibility and convenience.

PeopleDesk also provides automatic payroll processing, analytical reporting, and complex roster management. Both productivity and employee engagement are priorities for PeopleDesk. Therefore, innovations like mobile access and self-service choice features were developed to enhance employee experience and efficiency.

PeopleDesk is a very user-friendly and affordable HR management software aimed at businesses of medium and large sizes. When looking for human resources software, it’s crucial to consider both your specific requirements and the solutions available on the market. You shouldn’t take this as a recommendation of PeopleDesk but as an understanding of its’ capabilities.

Before making a final selection, businesses should undertake comprehensive research and compare various solutions. However, the below features exactly make PeopleDesk the #1 HR software in Bangladesh.

  • Customize Application Forms
  • Instant Feedback System
  • Application Frequency Tracking
  • Detailed Employee Information
  • User Access Control
  • Dynamic Dashboard
  • Document Approval System
  • Leave Application and Approval System
  • Supervisor Selection System
  • Digital Notice Board
  • Roaster Duty Management
  • Shift Management
  • Convenient Attendance System 
  • Remote attendance system
  • Monthly Attendance Report
  • Overtime Calculation and Report
  • Dedicated Mobile App (Android & iOS)
  • Self-Service System
  • Payroll Management
  • Loan Management System
  • Income Tax Management 
  • Probation Management Functions 
  • Online Pay Slips
  • Provident Fund and Gratuity
  • Cost to Company Report
  • Salary Comparative Analysis
  • Multi-Layer Approval System
  • Asset Management
  • Rewards & Punishment

2. Apployee

Apploye, is a popular HR software in Bangladesh made for local businesses to improve the way HR management is done. Its’ easy-to-use interface and tools are designed to make organizations more efficient. The solution has time tracking, employee monitoring, task management, project tracking, attendance monitoring, and reporting features to reduce HR efforts.

These features help HR departments make good work schedules by looking at time-tracking data, streamlining workflows and task management, finding patterns in employee behavior through collected data, and increasing efficiency by dealing with problems like time theft and unapproved absences.

It is important to keep in mind that Apploye’s advanced employee tracking features, like logging keystrokes and taking screenshots, should only be used in ways that are legal in your area and that respect employees’ right to privacy.

3. LinesPay

LinesPay is a top HR software in Bangladesh which is developed by Divine IT. This solution makes different HR tasks easier for enterprises with various features that can be used together. Noteworthy functions are recruitment, employee information, leaves, and attendance, payroll, and performance. 

LinesPay’s recruitment feature makes it easier to post job ads, manage applications, and set up interviews. The employee management feature allows users to store and organize employee data like personal information, attendance records, and reviews. The leave and attendance features keep track of employees’ participation while maintaining an automated approval flow.

This solution also comes with a built-in payroll module. The goal is to make sure that salary handling is accurate and faster by automating calculations, deductions, and taxes. The solution also offers a performance management feature by setting objectives, and collecting reviews, and comments. However, as it’s not a financial service provider, LinesPay is not licensed to process payments. Therefore, businesses should study and compare their needs with the solutions offerings before making a decision. 

4. PiHR

PiHR is an HR and payroll software solution that was developed specifically to meet the requirements of enterprises in Bangladesh. It specifically seeks to simplify HR operations for both employees and managers, making sure that they are satisfied by maintaining accurate records and providing performance reports.

PiHRs’ extensive reporting feature provides quick and useful insights as well as depth payroll and expense data. It enables to make data-driven decisions for the HR department. Bangladeshi business companies can easily streamline their basic HR and payroll tasks using this cloud-based solution.

PiHR is a web and mobile app combo that targets both small and large businesses in Bangladesh with affordable features and pricing. It also prioritizes data security by implementing strict data protection procedures to ensure the confidentiality of workforce payroll information making it one of the top HR solutions in Bangladesh.

5. Jibika Plexus

Jibika Plexus is cloud-based software that was made to help people in Bangladesh handle their human resources (HR) and salary. The goal of this software is to simplify and automate different HR and payroll tasks. This could help companies in the Bangladeshi market be more productive and reduce the amount of work they have to do. This is one of the top payroll software in Bangladesh.

Among its many features, Jibika Plexus lets you manage your employees’ attendance and leaves, process payments, and handle loans and income taxes. You can even use the software on your phone. Functionalities for managing employees make it easier to organize and store data about them, such as personal details, attendance records, leave details and salary data.

Businesses can record and keep track of employees’ work hours using attendance tracking features, which could lead to more accurate reporting and less human data entry. Leave management features let workers apply for leave online, check their leave balance, and see the status of their applications to speed up the process of approving time off. The mobile app feature lets workers see their personal information, leave amounts, payslips, and other things on their phones, which could make things easier to get to and more convenient.

Jibika Plexus is aimed at businesses of all kinds who are looking for an easy-to-use and inexpensive way to handle their payroll. It is committed to giving safe and dependable software solutions with personalized customer service and choices to fit the needs of each client. This information comes from open sources. We suggest you study more about their solutions and compare them with others before making a choice.  

6. Smart HRM

Smart HRM markets itself as an easy-to-use, all-in-one HR and payroll software system made just for Bangladeshi companies. This cloud-based software aims to simplify and handle various HR tasks such as attendance, leave, and reporting. It can help all businesses to be more productive and reduce HR workloads which makes it another top HR software in Bangladesh.

Smart HRM has many useful features for managing employees to keep track of their information and organize it. It uses different ways to track attendance such as biometric devices and mobile apps. It also allows leave management so that employees can request leaves and see how many they’ve availed. The automated payroll processing makes sure that all the calculations are done correctly and on time.

This solution also has loan and tax management features. Its’ reporting and analytics are generated to help make decisions based on data. It also has a mobile app that employees can use to access the software on the go.

Smart HRM advertises its user-friendly design, saying that it is simple to learn and use, even for companies that aren’t very tech-savvy. They prioritize data security to stand out in the list of top HR solutions in Bangladesh. Smart HRM’s features are certainly useful, but clients should still do a lot of research and compare with other top HR and payroll software choices before making a choice.


XHRM is another top HR software in Bangladesh, developed especially for RMG businesses. It has features to manage employee data, such as attendance, leaves, payroll, and provident funds. It is advertised as customizable to meet the unique HR requirements of any business. It also has features like cloud storage, encrypted user access, and management of several companies. 

Most notably, it is compatible with a wide range of attendance devices and can be accessed from any web browser on a mobile device. Company policies and customer recommendations can be reflected in the system’s ability to be customized. XHRM highlights its ease of use and its dedication to streamlining HR processes. 

The creators of XHRM, Extreme Solutions, assert that there are numerous advantages to utilizing their program. Some examples of this are an accurate facial recognition attendance system, a consolidated database, and a reduction in paper usage made possible by mobile access. 

XHRM’s marketing claims to have employee reviews, promotions, and communication (by email and pop-up notifications) features. Additionally, it can generate reports and personalize settings to satisfy individual clients. Common HR software features, such as leave management, payroll processing and loan reports, and conveyance and movements.

We would suggest you compare these features with your business needs and make a comprehensive analysis with other top HR software in Bangladesh to make a choice.

8. Kormee

Another web-based software solution for Bangladeshi organizations seeking to streamline their HR operations is Kormee. Similar to XHRM, Kormee provides a variety of tools to simplify HR processes.  Among these features are attendance and leave management, training program administration, payroll processing (including income tax and provident fund), advance and loan requests, and performance reviews. 

One of Kormee’s touted advantages is its adaptability, which lets companies personalize the program according to their requirements. Kormee may serve a broader variety of businesses in Bangladesh, in contrast to XHRM’s apparent concentration on the garment manufacturing industry. 

What little information there is about Kormee online is, however, limited. Kormee’s official product information and customer evaluations are essential for doing a thorough feature comparison. Also, there is a lack of information on Kormee’s pricing or any possible free trials that are offered to the public making it one of the top 10 HR software in Bangladesh.

9. Roopokar

Roopokar’s HR and payroll software is specialized for RMG businesses. This solution’s various components and features are useful for managing employees and workers in both factories and offices making it one of the top HR solutions in Bangladesh. The employee Management module’s ability to manage data, departments, and shifts is some of its’ key features. 

It can monitor and assess workers’ output which is a key component of performance management. Additionally, leave and Attendance management, location tracking, and easy-to-upload reports are its’ other key features. It can handle expenses, payroll, increments, bonuses, allowances, and loans as part of the payroll module.

The recruitment module can handle job postings, applications resume management, and interview scheduling, etc. Roopokar offers tools for managing users, permissions, activity logs, and data backups.  Both HR managers and staff members will find the program to be intuitive, according to their advertisements. We have found some useful functions in this solution which makes it number 9 in our list of top 10 HR software in Bangladesh.

10. PeoplesHR

PeoplesHR is the only global solution making it to the list of top 10 HR solutions in Bangladesh. Although, its’ all features are not available in Bangladesh, many local companies utilize their basic HR features to simplify partial administrative workload. Basic features of HR software in Bangladesh such as employee database, attendance and leave, payroll etc are available in their local panel.

We suppose the solution also includes Bangladesh-specific provident fund calculations and tax deductions feature for their clients. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough details to validate all these features in their Bangladeshi version. Recruitment module, training, or even customized reporting features might be restricted in this region due to complexity. 

We suggest you to get in touch with PeoplesHR Bangladesh authority to get a better idea of their offerings.  Cordially, make a through research of your neeeds and how the solutions can be compatible with it.

Final Words

It could be like trying to find your way through a maze of software companies while looking for the top HR solution in Bangladesh. The seemingly endless choices shouldn’t put you off. There is software available to meet a wide range of purposes and budgets.  If you want to succeed, you need to know what your firm needs.

When comparing various HR software solutions, keep in mind aspects such as your company’s size, industry, and budget. Consider which human resources duties are taking up the most of your time right now to make a well-informed choice. Are you looking for a solution that focuses on performance management, payroll, or recruitment?

Take a look at your HR software budget.  Luckily, there is a wide selection of options available, from affordable to high-end.  Get the inside scoop from other Bangladeshi companies that have used these HR software solutions by reading reviews online and comparing features.

You can provide your HR team with the tools they need to do their jobs better and save money by selecting the top HR software in Bangladesh according to your unique requirements and financial limitations.

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