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Standard Finis Oil Signed Agreement for PeopleDesk

FINIS Signed Agreement with iBOS for most advanced HR Software

Standard Finis Oil will Utilize the Most Advanced HR Software

iBOS Limited is delighted to announce onboarding Standard Finis Oil Company as our new client. The reputed insecticide and disinfectant manufacturing company has agreed to use our advances HR software, PeopleDesk to enhance their office culture. This decision is a big game changer for both Standard Finis Oil Company And iBOS Limited.

Agreement Signing Ceremony

An agreement signing ceremony was held at Standard Finis Oil’s headquarters on December 17, 2023. Honourable Deputy Managing Partner Adiba Sulaiman Ajanee of Finis and Chief Executive Officer Sk Md. Jayed Bin Rashid of iBOS Limited signed the agreement for our advanced HR solution.

Members of Standard Finis Oil Co.’s Executive team, including Md. Anwar Hossain (Manager of Accounts & Finance), Milon Miah (AGM HR & Admin), and a handful of others, were present at the ceremony. From iBOS, Md. Iqbal Hoshen, Chief Technology Officer, Md. Al Amin, Chief Marketing Officer, and Khan Saifullah Al Faysal, Senior Manager of Business Development, were present at the venue.

Why did Finis choose Our Advanced HR Software?

Standard Finis Oil Co. is known for its dedication to success in the oil and energy industry and for always manufacturing best quality products and services. Starting in the 1950s, it has been Bangladesh’s oldest business that makes insecticides and disinfectants. For more than 70 years, its main goal has been to make affordable insecticides that keep people protected from any contagious diseases.

As part of the partnership agreement , Finis will add PeopleDesk to its human resources infrastructure. The purpose of adapting the most advanced HR software in Bangladesh is to communicate easily, handle workflow more efficiently, and improve work culture. Our advanced HR solution is designed to assist in the streamlining of facility-related processes, including attendance, leave, and other relevant activities, for the entire workforce of Finis.

The objective behind choosing our advanced HR software above other available options is our after sales service that convinced our newly onboarded client. Moreover, they were inspired by the benchmark we helped to develop in workplace culture development of our existing clients. We hope that our advanced HR software will significantly improve the efficiency of their operations. This will allow them to commit even more resources to producing the best output for the organization.

What our clients say?

ERP Software in Bangladesh

Our client Finis expressed that this strategic partnetship will be good for their businesses and set new standards for how to handle people and cultures well. They also explained their desire to improve morale and efficiency at work by putting PeopleDesk in place. Payroll Management, Performance Management, Task Management, Asset Management, and other HR-related tasks will work more easily, and HR tasks will be able to be changed to fit different situations.

The words from Standard Finis Oil Co. is a huge boost for our PeopleDesk teams, and it makes us even more determined to create the best HR solutions in the country. Proof that our software is effective is our expanding list of satisfied customers, which includes manufacturing, trading, and service providers. It is with great pleasure that iBOS Limited assists in enhancing operations across Bangladesh by granting additional authority to companies such as Standard Finis Oil Co.

The Clients we serve

PeopleDesk is already serving renowned business and non-profit organizations, such as Matador Group, Ad-Din Hospital, DISA, Khaas Food, Justice & Care, and iFarmer. New and growing business and startups like 10 Minute School has also signed agreement with our advanced HR solution very recently.

Looking for a perfect HR Solution for your company?

Is your company looking for the most advanced HR software? Like many other prominent companies, PeopleDesk can be a part of your work culture. You can schedule a demo for the best HR software in Bangladesh. Schedule your free demo anytime online or over a voice call during office hours.

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