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Industries That Software Companies Should Start Taking Seriously

Industries That Software Companies Should Start Taking Seriously

Isn’t it getting too common for software companies in Bangladesh to focus on common industries? After all, it’s nothing but impossible to find a single corporate giant out there from the major industries who haven’t got themselves a good business software in their first place and sometimes with the best ERP Software in Bangladesh.  

But what the companies are missing out on is the industries that are growing under their nose. The truth is, those industries too need the attention of software companies in order to flourish.

Industries that are Growing in Bangladesh

If we’d start listing out industries lately that have popped up kind of out of the blue and growing like never before, we might run out of numbers. Guess what? Our country is walking on no different route. But every time an industry starts growing, the businesses surrounding them get the chance to grow as well. In the same way, some of the industries in our country have started to take the big leap too, industries like –

Digital Marketing

Seeing the colorful advertisements that are hitting your screen? There are some minds working behind and we call them the digital marketing agencies. But the thing is there’s no specific business software out there that can handle their business. After all, it’s a pile of diversity. 

As they’re dealing with a ton of advertisement sections and also different criteria of clients, having a software to deal with all their clerical and documentation operations will be nothing but great for them.  

And guess what? There are already thousands of digital marketing agencies growing in Bangladesh. So, if the software companies dare to analyze their challenging sector to give them the right solution, we bet there’s a chance of doing something better.

Digital marketing
Industries That Software Companies Should Start Taking Seriously 6


Do you know why the last product you’ve ordered reached your doorstep? 

Because of e-Commerce.

After the hard-hitting Covid pandemic, nothing has been more of a talk of the town than this. That’s because when no one was thinking about stepping out of their home even for getting the most important stuff, e-commerce was what had made the product reach them within the minimum time possible. Bangladesh wasn’t walking on any different route. 

But even these e-commerce businesses had their share of struggle with business processing, probably because the software companies aren’t landing on their turf with any effective solution. 

The foreign countries already have taken the 4.83 trillion dollar market seriously but we’re not seeing anything effective like that within our border, yet. 

E commerce
Industries That Software Companies Should Start Taking Seriously 7

Garments industries

Sometimes it sounds unbelievable that an industry with a value of $1.57 billion still running mostly on the manual mode, at least on the operational phase, especially the clerical parts. 

But the good news is, a good number of companies are thinking seriously about getting their process automated, including implementing business software. Now the problem we’ve noticed is not every garments organization still thinking about stepping in for adapting business software technology which can be a game-changer for them. So, a convenient solution might change their mind.

Industries That Software Companies Should Start Taking Seriously 8

Tourism Industry

391 million US Dollars! Does this number sound like a big one to you? Well, that’s what the economy of Bangladesh received through the tourism industry before the pandemic hit us. 

So, we bet it’s getting no harder for you to understand that how vast this sector has become. But clearly, not too many software companies have paid heed to that part of this industry yet in order to ease up their hassles over challenging processing.  

Industries That Software Companies Should Start Taking Seriously 9

Event Management 

How many events have you ever arranged in your life or assisted in one? If you have, then for obvious reasons, you already know how much hassling the event planning and management can be. After all, there’s too many elements and functions involved in the process, which are kind of ‘not so pleasing’ to handle. 

People don’t want to go through those hassles and this is where the need for event planners pops up. This is the reason why there are thousands of event planning businesses have grown so rapidly. But unfortunately, they too are missing out on having a proper solution to handle all their functions. 

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