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A Legal Management Application Case Study

Ethos is an application for the attorneys and the general public for managing legal matters and issues. Both general people and attorneys face lots of difficulties to manage legal case management issues. Many of the general people are too busy to meet with the attorneys physically. Attorneys, on the other hand, find it difficult to carry all case related documents and files with them all the time.

Ethos is here to eradicate the hassles that general people and attorneys face while managing legal case related matters and issues.

Stakeholder Interview

Stakeholder interview

Recently, we had an interview with a team of some visionary people. They have a goal of making a legal management application that will revolutionize the process of the legal system.

Legal management related image

In the meeting, they shared the idea with us and told us that they just had the initial idea and they were searching for a partner to materialise the idea. And who can be better than a team of creative superheroes than us, Creatibuzz?

Together we discussed the idea and learned about each other’s work process. They had the initial concept about the ‘Legal System’ but they didn’t do any background research and wanted us to conduct the research before jumping to the designing and development phase.

Our Journey

Ux solutions for businesses

Since the birth of Creatibuzz, we have been working on diverse categories of projects. We did projects on different types of management systems but the idea of ‘Legal Management System’ was completely new to us. But being very frank we are very much eager to embrace new challenges.

We just made our determination and dived into the world of the Legal systems. We did super extensive research to acquire as much information as possible. Firstly, we tried to find out some existing legal management applications so we can gather some knowledge on how these previous applications work. We studied a lot of legal management case studies and to our disappointment, we found out there is nothing new.

Most of these applications were actually a kind of task management or accounting software. After doing interviews with some legal firms, we came to know that they use on average 9 different applications for their firm.

After wasting some coffee and late-night pizzas and burgers (We only eat pizza: kidding), we were struggling to find out how people used to do these actions without an application. How do the legal firms operate and what is their process!

The Business Goals

Best ui ux Business goal image

Client subscription, Attorney Subscription, Legal fee processing commissions.

The business vision was simple. We want to build an application that helps normal people to do legal actions initially without the help of any attorney or legal firm so that they can save a lot of money. (We know how expensive legal stuff is). Also, it will save a lot of processing time too.

But we know, if we do this, attorneys or legal firms will not like it as banks never like cryptos, taxis never like uber. So, we wanted to get rid of this and help attorneys and legal firms too through our application.

So, clearly, this can be said that the application will be to simplify the process of the legal management process and through client subscription, attorney subscription, and legal fee processing commissions this application will generate revenue & profit.

Competitor Analysis

As we’ve mentioned earlier that there is no single app like our clients’, we figured out some legal firms use on average 9 different applications for their firm. We tried to enlist those applications’ features into ours.

Law management application competitor analysis


User Flow

This application will be of two modes. One mode is for the attorneys and the other one is for the clients.

Law management application user flow

User Persona

Law firms exist to help the attorneys but there is no support system for the normal people who seek legal help. So to solve this problem Ethos is made for two types of users. One type of users is the attorneys and the other type of users is the normal people who are seeking legal help.

User Persona 1 – Attorney Perspective

attorney/lawyer ux persona

User Persona 2 – Client Perspective

General people law management ux persona

Low Fidelity Wireframe

Low fidelity wireframes help us understand how the application will work and what will be the features. Low fidelity wireframes help us to find out the errors and fix it on initial stage.

Therefore, arranging all the information we gathered, we made low fidelity wireframe taking the help of Balsamiq.

Law management low fidelity wireframe

The Final Design

Low fidelity wireframe are always a blessing for it helps out find errors in the initial stage. Initial errors can be solved after lo-fi wireframe is done.

We also found some issues after testing the lo-fi wireframes. After fixing those issues in the testing phase, we started final designing.

Normal people are completely unaware of legal issues as they don’t have to go through the legal system on regular basis. Hence, lot of jumbling information is enough to make an ordinary person confused. So, to tried to keep it simple modern & minimal by arranging all information nicely and properly.

law management case study application

Best legal case management application mockup

Legal case management application high fidelity

Legal Case management software.

Reflecting On Everything

Starting a project on legal management application without having no knowledge on the field is super difficult. But since we are human beings nothing is impossible for us. We knew that we won’t be able to be lawyers but can gather enough information to make an application on legal management if we try our best.

And here this case study shows our effort and dedication.

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